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  1. Bennie98

    T-Bone Parts Question

    Hi I ordered the T-Bone skid plate, the wheelie bar and the mud guards for my mt410 the 21st of march. Today I received the order. When I wanted to mount the skid plate with the wheelie bar and original front bumper, it seemed not possible to do due to incompatibility. Is there anyone who...
  2. O

    Can I brace my MT410 chassis myself?

    Afternoon guys, hope all is good ! Had my mt410 built for about 2 weeks now minus the m2c bits. I'm itching to get it out but ideally wanted to brace it before hand. I'm in the UK and currently out of funds for the car till end of month so they will have to wait. Question is, what would...
  3. S

    Need advice on gearing, already have a 15T pinion

    Ok I'm trying to figure out what's the best gearing for my motor have a 15 tooth on there now it is a 1700 KV motor I have some Pro-Line Moab tires and beadlock Wheels will be running 4s. Thanks
  4. Romaine839

    Chassis protector for M2C wide chassis

    Anyone know of a chassis protector or other product that will fit the m2c wide chassis for MT410? This chassis is awesome, but also expensive and I’d like to prolong the life of it as much as possible.
  5. C

    Shock building help

    Are there any good alternatives to the green slime or shock snot that I've read about for building these shocks? I don't have a LHS nearby so I'd be looking for something I could get at a hardware store. Thanks!
  6. Bennie98

    Electronics question

    I built my mt410 a while ago, but i finally got my electronics to put in there. However, I have some questions for placement. I bought the hobbywing Xerun 150A esc + 2250 kv combo. It's a big esc. And i was wondering something for the placement. How do you mount it? I know you can attach it to...
  7. S

    Convince me to purchase a mt410

    Thinking about buying my first tekno what all upgrades does the mt need before bashing and is it worth every cent? how's durability on it? Also what are the most common issues with it? Give me all the info I need to know thanks guys
  8. Eric Fan TW

    Tekno MT410 nitro...

    Hi~ I'm Eric Fan, a Tekno RC player in Taiwan, I have NT48.3, NB48.3 and MT410. I tried to modified my MT410 to nitro version a while ago and tested, It seems so good... The body is NB48.3, front & rear assy & bumper...etc is MT410. Engine is Team Orion CRF RS V3 .21, pinion is 13T from NT...
  9. Jmill102980

    New to Tekno first Tekno build was a great build still finishing up.

    Was very good build I enjoyed it. Still have stuff to do but almost complete I also painted with my new air brush for the first time as well. The body is all paint no decals but I went to far with my blade cutting out the liquid mask oh well its a bash body!! Will gorilla tape in the body. Jason...
  10. MJVadnais

    Traxxas X-Maxx tires for MT410

    I bought some XMaxx tires on Jenny’s RC. I did not know stupid traxxas has a completely different hub system. Bought the adapter. No go. Does anyone sell the insert that would adapt strait to a normal 17mm hub? Otherwise I’m going to start drilling and cutting so the Tekno hub will go into the...
  11. Bennie98

    Apocalypse body mounting

    Hello I am new on this forum and this is my second post here, next to the one where I introduce myself. After just recently having purchased a Tekno MT410, I have bought a body from the list at amainhobbies.com. This is the Pro-line Apocalypse body. I have bought this, because there are only a...
  12. Fergusonv

    My MT410 6S Build

    Finally finished my build. Tekin RX8 Gen3 w/ Gen3 1350kv - 17t pinion GenAce 6s 4500 Proline Badlands 3.8s Savox 1270 Proline 72 c10 body taped and shoe gooed. Aluminum shock caps Steel spur gear Sanwa 482 reciever Tekno aluminum servo horn XT90 connectors
  13. Brandon

    Body suggestions for MT410

    Finished the MT build, paired with a Homes Hobbies wp servo, HW max 6 combo 2200kv motor, spectrum receiver and proline shockwaves for tires. I have ordered T bone wheelie bar and mud guards for a later install. Only thing left is the body. I am thinking a VW Bug or old Ford style pickup. Your...
  14. Brandon

    motor kv question

    Can any one shed some light on the difference between a 1700 and a 2200 kv motor. This mt 410 is my first ground up build and not sure what type of kv is needed. Will or can run a 15 to 17 t pinion and tires will most likely be banlands or shockwaves. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Fergusonv

    6S and Tekin 1350 - looking for feedback

    Looking for advice. I want to run 6S and Tekin. I've got my kit ordered and was about to place an order for esc and motor but thought it best to get feedback here first. It appears to me that the best 6S rated motor offered by Tekin is the 1350 Truggy motor. I was thinking 17/44 gearing (steel...
  16. Traxxas2Tekno

    Mt410 tire choices

    Here is a little size comparison of the mx38 badlands, dboot backflips, and original badland 3.8 for anyone trying to decide. The difference in size and performa is huge. Different tires really change the handling of this truck. I cant believe the size difference just between the 2 different...
  17. TILLER99

    My first build! Mt410 my favorite rc To date!!! Thoughts and advice on other mods please!

    Things I've done..... thoughts and comments on what else to do... 1. C-10 body 2. Hobbywing xerun max 8 esc , Xerun 4268 1900kv motor. 3.19 tooth mod 1 pinion 4. Steel Spur 5. Savox 1283 sg 6. Smc 4s bat. 7. Proline badlands with desperados wheels. 8. Aluminum shock caps. 9. Futaba 3pv Remote...
  18. Traxxas2Tekno

    Mt410 center diff upgrade

    I just built a mt410 and im looking to order the parts to upgrade the center diff. Is the aluminum split mount worth it? How about the m2c aluminum housing? I bash on 6s and wanna make it as tough as possible.
  19. P

    0 offset Truggy Wheels fit?

    Will zero offset Truggy wheels fit the MT410 or will they hit the hubs? I have some laying around.