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Tekno MT410 nitro...

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Eric Fan TW

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Tekno RC's
  1. MT410
  2. NB-48
  3. NT-48
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I'm Eric Fan, a Tekno RC player in Taiwan, I have NT48.3, NB48.3 and MT410.
I tried to modified my MT410 to nitro version a while ago and tested, It seems so good...

The body is NB48.3, front & rear assy & bumper...etc is MT410.
Engine is Team Orion CRF RS V3 .21, pinion is 13T from NT, spur is NB stock 46T, fuel tank is NT's 150cc, tyre is truggy tire.

The feeling of running is very good and very stable, but maybe the center diff's oil number can be increased.(this center diff setting is buggy's, number about 5k~7k)

My test video on the Youtube and the link is below:

Have a nice RC Day!
That's awesome @Eric Fan TW. I would have loved to seen the full build of that nitro MT410. Nicely done!

Welcome to Tekno Forums!
Waou, really good job. Can you see us how you doing?
Thank you.
Nice work! I like it...I love how the parts are so interchangeable you can create new cars from combinations of two or more platforms!

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