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  1. J

    Goldilocks Between ET48 and ET410 - EB48 or MT410 2.0

    I'm currently running an ET48 (Backflip 3.8 on DE Racing Rims) and ET410 (Badland MX28 2.8) both on grass. The ET48 is a bit large for me (handles perfectly). The ET410 handles pretty well, except (1) when grass is too long, it gets floaty; and (2) it traction rolls a bit with the wide wheels...
  2. S

    MT410 Servo Horn Compatibility

    I mistakenly bought the TKR9553M servo horn (recommended for EB/NB48 2.1 and SCT410 2.0) instead of the TKR5253B servo horn (recommended for EB48 2.0, EB48 2.1, EB48.3, EB48.4, EB48SL, ET48 2.0, ET48.3, MT410, NB48 2.0, NB48 2.1, NB48.3, NB48.4, NT48 2.0, NT48.3, SCT410 2.0 and SCT410.3). Will...
  3. A

    Sound issue from diffs?

    I suffered with the front diff, more precisely with the gap in the bulkhead. According to the manual, it is recommended to first install without shims, then to the side of the gear, then to the other. My diff goes left and right without the shims. If the washer is on the side of the gear, then...
  4. SlapHappyPappy

    Bumper Upgrade with Skid Plates

    I couldn’t find a good bash bumper so I upgraded a new Tekno original bumper. I used kydex to brace from above the hinge pin against the gear block and behind/under the top brace. Drilled through the two front screw holes and bolted the kydex into the back with a aluminum plate under the nuts. I...
  5. SlapHappyPappy

    My Custom Monster MT410

    I have been enjoying and building this truck for a couple years. This is the only (monster truck) I care to play with anymore because the others feel crippled compared to it. I wanted to share some things I have done to it that made a big difference for me. First was the differentials and spur...
  6. L

    New MT410 owner. Center diff heat question, Mamba X 8s and 1520 1650kv.

    Hello all. I'm a long time RC guy here. I picked up an MT410 because I enjoy building kits. I'm running a Mamba X 8s with the 1520 1650kv and a 22 tooth pinion, steel center diff case, Backflip 4s LPs, stock diff oils and a 4S 7200mah. Performance is fantastic. Long run times, 25 minutes...
  7. G

    My MT410

    My first kit build. All spektrum 6s electronics & 4s copperhead tires from Jenny’s. New gensacearespammers dual charger and two Zeee 5200 4s batteries. Trx4 sport body. Did my first soldering today in many years with a new ec5 connector to clean things up. And tried my hand at painting and masking...
  8. A

    MT410 body shell

    Hey Guys, Does the Traxxas maxx heavy duty shell fit the MT410. I can’t find the true dimensions anywhere for it. Cheers Ash
  9. J

    Metal C-hubs for MT410 ??? Can ET48 2.0 spindle carriers be used for MT410?

    Hi, Is it possible to use ET48 2.0 C-hubs/spindle carriers for Tekno MT410 (TKR9048B or TKR9048A) (even if I would have to modify a few things) ? Or is it possible to buy alu C-hubs for MT410? Exotek used to make these but not anymore... :-(
  10. Ferrebee88

    Is there an updated MT410 body list for 2022?

    It's now 2022 and I know the 2017 Raptor and the Baja bug body will fit. I know the bug body seems better for rollovers, but I'm not sure witch body will hold up better. Anyone have luck with any other bodies? Basically... I bought an Arrma Outcast EXB RTR and am converting it to a Kraton...
  11. J

    For Sale MT410 RTR Very lightly used!

    Selling my VERY lightly used Tekno MT410. When I was younger I always wanted a hobby grade R/C. During Covid boredom I did a ton of research and built up this MT410. I loved the process, but with two small children I just never had time to use this. I literally ran it in my cul-de-sac a couple...
  12. Nicochau

    My LWB MT410 build

    Thanks to @Tekno_craze for the inspiration. Those Proline bash armor bodies are truly the best unbreakable option on the market. The one for the Kraton is a great option for an LWB MT410 build. This is a repurposed ET48.3 turned MT410 with the MMM towers. I was just tired of the truggy look and...
  13. E

    EZ’s MT410 and ET48 2.0

    So these are already built but I did take a ton of photos during the build process… more so with my MT410 than my ET48 2.0. The MT410 The kit and it’s upgrades (for now) Tekno Hardened Steel Diff Cases on all three diffs (TKR5113S) M2C Shock Towers Aluminum Split Center Diff Mount...
  14. Alan0823

    Try find right MT410 gearing

    Hi, forum i wanna start with im still new to the rc game and I need help with finding the right gearing to not burn nothing up? I'm running 4092 1420kv motor 20t pinion with a max8 esc on punch 4 on 6s 5000 mah 45c graphene lipo. I wanna know is that a good gear or am I geared to low or to high...
  15. R

    MT410 M2C rig durability test

    I have my mt410 out for a rip.. I’m the worlds worst driver when it comes to this mt410 so I’m the perfect candidate to give it a proper test 🤣 add a t-bone ramp into the mix and she still held strong 💪🏻💪🏻 If you wanna know more about the truck:
  16. cr8tor

    Fresh build - Whats next

    You may remember me from a previous thread asking for pre-build thoughts on my parts list. I appreciated all the feedback i received. It was very helpful. Now i'm back for the post build advice. Comment on some or all topics, anything is welcomed. I'll figure it all out on my own eventually...
  17. cr8tor

    MT410 / pre-build, pre-order post for suggestions and feedback

    Experienced RC'r looking to put together an MT410. I used to have (15 yrs ago) a 10th scale nitro Traxxas and eventually migrated to drones and helicopters. I'm looking to get back into off-road bashing and am looking for feedback and suggestions. I'm going to be bashing in the back yard, down...
  18. kintroy

    MT410 setup sheet

    I was wondering if anyone has a setup sheet they could share or some tips on tuning. I am looking for a bit more stability out of my truck when turning and accelerating I don't do a lot of big jumps or anything yet this is my first truck and I am still learning to control it I just learned to...
  19. R

    My 6s Tekno MT410

    Hello everyone, After multiple setup test, i ended with: (all stock, just a little piece of m2c racing on the rear tower) motor Supass Hobby taurus 4274 1500kv (88amp, max 32v/2800w) Tekno 16 tooth pinion, stock plastic 44 spur (have the metal 44 and 46) ESC Hobbywing max8 150amp (punch 3/5...
  20. D_Cedar

    MT410 Build - D_Cedar Edition

    Finally have the MT kit and enough of the bits to get this beast built. Might be a bit sporadic of a build, as my free time is limited, but will make a strong push to not drag it out and to stay up on postings. Here is the BOM: MOTOR: Castle 1515 2,200KV sensored brushless motor. Out of stock...