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New MT410 owner. Center diff heat question, Mamba X 8s and 1520 1650kv.

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Hello all. I'm a long time RC guy here. I picked up an MT410 because I enjoy building kits. I'm running a Mamba X 8s with the 1520 1650kv and a 22 tooth pinion, steel center diff case, Backflip 4s LPs, stock diff oils and a 4S 7200mah. Performance is fantastic. Long run times, 25 minutes and plenty of power. The motor isn't getting hot, but the center diff is. I was messing around in the yard, pulling wheelies and the front wheels began to spin up causing the the truck bounce. It runs really well when it's cold.

What's the ticket for improving the center diff performance?

Also, my ESC is mounted to the rear shock tower, I need to figure out a way to get it installed lower. I've seen some of the braces and parts to allow it to be mounted over the center diff.

What diff oil do you have in the center? Sounds like you need to go thicker.
The stuff that came with the kit, 100,000 wt
If front wheels are spinning too much, increase the car diff oil. That motor and gear comb most likely will need adjustment in oil. Sounds like the center diff is being pushed real hard. Look at M2C Racing for a larger center diff case. Also look at the new diff case and gears used in Tekno's newest track car. They have a new design that offers some locking diff action. The case and internals are larger than in the MT410 kit. The new setup works only in the center diff. as it is too large for front and rear diff. Had all the numbers someplace, if needed will need to spend time finding them. I installed a set in a M2C chassis build and liked the action very much. All four wheels seem to stay planted and puts the power to the ground. Like it so much will be looking at updating other Tekno builds I have. There is a thread somewhere on this.
Thank you!
I've ordered 500k diff oil and silicone ear plugs. Will experiment.
You need to check out M2c racing for their aluminum Center diff housing. It’s got like double the volume for fluid. I run 100k. It is also ribbed on the OD for more surface area to increase cooling. I also have a tekno aluminum Center gearbox mount. It’s an incredible set up. Especially when you do the M2c gamechanger chassis brace set up.
Get a metal differential. They have a few different brands out now to choose from. I have Fioroni. 2 or 3 years and no more problems it doesn’t matter how hot it gets.
Tekno makes hardened steel diff cups. Havent got them but I bet they’re good!

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