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Tekno RC Support

Tekno RC support contact information.

If you need to submit a warranty claim, you must complete a Tekno RC Warranty Form.

Tekno RC USA
10755 Scripps Poway Pkwy #598
San Diego, CA 92131
[email protected]
Tekno RC Europe
PO Box 67259
Melissia, Athens 15102

Parts not covered by warranty

Complete V3, V4, and vehicle kits are excluded, only individual parts are covered. Discontinued Parts: Parts that are discontinued or no longer in production are not covered by any warranty.


Terms and conditions may change at any time without notice. Warranty policy may change at any time without notice. All warranties are subject to review and may be refused or revoked at our sole discretion at any time without notice. If any conditions or instructions above are not met, warranty will not be processed and no notice is required from us that your warranty may not be processed.

Please visit the OFFICIAL Tekno RC warranty page for the most current information.