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MT410 Servo Horn Compatibility

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  1. MT410
I mistakenly bought the TKR9553M servo horn (recommended for EB/NB48 2.1 and SCT410 2.0) instead of the TKR5253B servo horn (recommended for EB48 2.0, EB48 2.1, EB48.3, EB48.4, EB48SL, ET48 2.0, ET48.3, MT410, NB48 2.0, NB48 2.1, NB48.3, NB48.4, NT48 2.0, NT48.3, SCT410 2.0 and SCT410.3). Will it still work on the MT410? I see the correct one appears to also work on the EB/NB 2.1 and SCT410 2.0, but not sure if it uses the other hole, or is merely not recommended because of the larger torque the horn might experience from the longer truggy arms.

Yes, I'm 99% sure it'll still work. They both have bottom mounting. The TKR9553M is non clamping; cheaper to make, and included with newer Tekno vehicles instead of the old composite servo horns that nobody hardly every used.

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