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SCT410 2.0 esc and motor recommendations

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I tried to search but could not find the information I was looking for.

I am planning a SCT410 2.0 build for racing. I am looking for ESC and motor suggestions.

Or links to threads with this information.

Thanks in advance

What are the rules where you plan to race? They'll likely have battery limitations which will steer you motor KV choice.

The tracks in my area do not limit to 2S because they are running on large 1/8 outdoor tracks.

I once ran a 20 min main mixed with nitro with a 3660-1800KV motor on 4S in my SCT410.3

Two places are indoor and 2s is the max, one outdoor track doesn't specify, the other outdoor tracks are 2s max.
Popular motor choice would be the Tekin Pro4 HD 4300kv. Pick you favorite ESC... just not a Hobbywing XR8 PRO (lots of reports with a LVC issue?). If I had the money, and were keeping it all Tekin, RX8 or the RX4 for me. Yeah, technically it's labeled as a "crawler" ESC, but it's being used more and more in the off-road racing scene.

The newer Hobbywing EZRun G2 ESCs are sensored. For getting into SCT racing on a lower budget, I would have no trouble recommending a EZRUN MAX10 G2 Combo (140A ESC + 3665 G3 4000kv Motor). Food for thought: You don't get all the fancy programming like the XeRun ESCs though.

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