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Apocalypse body mounting

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I am new on this forum and this is my second post here, next to the one where I introduce myself.
After just recently having purchased a Tekno MT410, I have bought a body from the list at amainhobbies.com.
This is the Pro-line Apocalypse body.

I have bought this, because there are only a limited amount of kinds of bodies.
A pickup truck. (I am not a fan of this, so that's like 90 percent of the bodies which I wouldn't want.)
The beetle baja.
The Losi xxl-2(e)
The hpi grave robber.
The hpi Chevrolet El Camino
And the one I got, namely the Pro-line Apocalypse body.

Now on the Apocalypse body, it says, it fits, but you need extended body mounts.
After searching for a while, i read somewhere that I needed the pro-line body mounts for the Slash 4x4, because those fit snug.
They don't...

I had to cut some of the mount to make it fit in the hole. And now it fits snug.. :D
But even after this, it seems that the body mounts are too wide apart to be able to support the body.
And when you position the body on the vehicle, it seems that the body mounts are too far in the front (the back ones, i haven't even started on the front).

Is there anyone here that has experience with the mounting of this body?

I think the look is really cool, but it has to be able to fit.
Otherwise I will have to give it to a mate who has the Traxxas Summit (this is the car for which the body actually was made).
And that would be a shame. :/


I took some pics with flash and it was a weird effect...:


It's the orange fluorescent colour of Tamiya with two "racing" stripes in normal yellow.
I found this on rctech.net:

Jason.g's AvatarJason.g , 24 February 2018 20:04

MT410 build w/ Pro-line Apocalypse body...

Just completed painting and installing the Pro-line Apocalypse body on MT410. Tekno's website states that body is compatible with the MT410 if you use the extended body mounts. My experience is that it takes a bit of wrangling to get it to work. I ended up trimming the Pro-line body posts...the circular/disk top that the body sits on, because the width of the body at the rooftop is not quite enough. So I "sliced" off about 1/3rd of the disk to make a flush/straight edge that would allow the post to squeeze in and fit.

I also had to forgo the horizontal brace that proline includes with that extended mount kit due to the fact that I had to force a slight bend into the rear vertical pro-line posts to mate up with the roofline of the Apocalypse. Not a major bend, but enough that the horizontal brace would not mate up anymore. For reference, this extended body mount set is Proline part # 6272-00 (which is discontinued, but I found a set on amazon).

Long story short : I like how the body looks and I forked over the extra $24 for a Traxxas Exocage that pairs up with the Apocalypse body.
We shall see how they hold up in use.
Once I get to 10 posts, then I think I can (hope I can!) post some pictures.

If anyone needs close up pics of the mod I did on the extended body mount, let me know.

Just awaiting a Tekin speed controller and motor to arrive to complete the setup!
Hoping for a first test drive next weekend ! :)



That's exactly what I was going to do.
Except it does seem to be a serious botched up thing to do.
I would prefer something more decent.

Apparently I have bought the wrong body mount extenders as well.
You would need the Proline # 6272-00. I bought the # 6087-00 which you need to cut down to fit.
The Proline # 6272-00 isn't available anywhere I have looked. Except in Florida, and I'm from Belgium. So that's going to be costly I think.
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Position the body to where it fits the best. Wheel wells line up and it’s straight. Mark the spots and drill the holes. Manufacturer suggested spots will no work. This has happened to me on the bug and el Camino.
The Apocalypse and exocage was my first body for my mt410. It was a tough fit for sure. I had to search for the proline extended body posts as they were no longer being made. I have a post on the Facebook mt410 bashers group with pictures and some more details.
I have fitted the body yesterday.
I had to cut the posts to make them fit the body mount hole of the tekno.
Then I cut the support on top to make it fit in between the body.
Even now it is a tight fit to make the screw on caps work.
I'm guessing, it won't hold for long.

How long did your body last?
Can't seem to find that facebook group. Can you give me a link?

Really difficult to make a good pic of those fluorescent colours.. ^^

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My Apocalypse body lasted ok...I still have it...but needs some taping and such to fix some cracks around wheel wells and such. I still have the exocage...that lasted without any damage.
Nice, good to know. It seems pretty heavy though. I hope that doesn't give any strain on the drive train?
The Apocalypse and exocage was my first body for my mt410. It was a tough fit for sure. I had to search for the proline extended body posts as they were no longer being made. I have a post on the Facebook mt410 bashers group with pictures and some more details.

I checked it out. The green version looks nice :) I saw that one when browsing google before.
The metal version seems totally mad. :D
Does that hold up?
View of the mounts cut to fit the standard mounting holes.

Yeah I tried basically converting the exocage into a regular internal cage...placing some thin aluminum around the outside. It was ok. I was just experimenting. I still may try something again with that exocage. In general I like the Apocalypse style body look...as opposed to a standard pickup/truck. But the long rear posts require cutting and trimming as you have shown and it can just be a weak link. Depending on how much you land on the roof will determine how well it holds together.
Okay, good to know. I also liked the look better than pickup trucks. However, if it seems to be giving me a lot of grief, I will have no problems switching to something a bit more pickup like.. I hope it lasts though ^^
A shame they don't offer other kinds of supports for different body types.

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