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  1. MT410
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So you dont have heat issues on your ESC with it mounted on its side like that? Ive got the Tekin Gen3 2250kv truggy motor in my ET48.3 with the Gen3 RX8 on 4s and when i run any of my big Proline 3.8 wheels/tires that combo does get warm pretty quickly, but ive never had to shut it down because it got too hot. When i was running the 3.8 Badland MX's at my local track doing near 25 minute runtimes in 80 degree weather the motor was just over 150 and the esc was showing only one more light before it would be maxed out on temp. Once i changed over to regular truggy wheels and tires the temps went way down... both my EB48.4 and SCT410.3 run the RX8 and 2250KV buggy motors and they never get very hot simply because of the smaller tires and less weight. Both running the same 4s batteries...

I havent had any issues but I dont drive it hard for 20+ minutes nonstop. Yep I have truggy wheels/tires too and they are so small in comparison it could never overheat. Its these huge 7in tires in grass that really tests the motor.
I was just wondering how that Tekin gen3 truggy motor was compared to the gen2. Only 150 deg is great pushing huge MT tires... my 2k gen2 got warmer IIRC.
Have you compared with the gen2 motor temps?
If I knew for sure the g3 ran cooler than the g2 I would probably sell off the 1717 and my gen2 t8 and go for the t8 gen3 and be done.
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  1. ET48
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Great build! Question. You mentioned that originally you were running the Tekin 2000kv motor with a 19T pinion. Why didn't you just try a smaller pinion? Like a 13t/14t/15t or something? How would that compare to switching to the Castle 1717 with the massive 21t pinion? I'm asking because I'm making a build that has heavy wheels & tires as well.


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Hiya everyone. Woodie was kind to invite me here so I'll share build details on my current rig, the MT410. I was very active on the URC forums (RIP) where I had multiple build threads, unfortunately they were also posted on photobucket and I angrily closed my account with them before I discovered there was a way around their new free image hosting limitation so I lost all of my past images too. So I'll start over with the MT410 here!

I was into RCs as a kid way back in the late 80s. Had a Kyosho Maxxum, a front wheel drive off road bugging. very rare! of course I wished I had kept it now! Last rig recently as a Tamiya Lunchbox, but I let her go shortly after building it because I didn't want a shelf queen but I also knew if I had kept it I'd have destroyed it quickly.
I actually got out of RC a couple years ago before my new daughter was born she was born because I knew I'd have very little time to RC, but the release of the MT410 convinced me to give it one more try. I picked up the MT410 way back in November 2016. The crazy thing is that it's still like new, I have had very little time to RC, but I still try to sneak in some wrenching time when I can and enjoy working on the thing as much as driving it. Hoping now that the kid is 2 she'll be able to go with me to the park and let this thing rip.

Proline Trencher 3.8 (40 Series) All Terrain Tires Mounted Tech 5 - Pro116013
Castle Monster X ESC
Castle 6.5mm battery and ESC Connectors
SMC 6700mah 4s
Protek 130T servo (0.080sec, 355oz @ 7.4v)
Castle 1717 1650kv Black can motor,
Tekin T8 G2 2000KV truggy motor ... AND (see below)
Futaba 3PL radio
Proline Ford Raptor body (1st gen)
DE Racing XD Rear Skid Plate
Tekno 5262 Cnc Split Center Diff Mount
Tekno 6015 Aluminum Shock Cartridge Cap Set x2
Tekno 6003B Alloy Shock Caps Non-Vented x2 (Not installed yet)
Tekno 5211 Aluminum Motor Mount Insert (the old style with 3mm and 4mm mount holes)
M2C 6905 Tekno MT410 Aluminum Solid Center Brace (just installed yesterday)


The #1 reason I bought this rig is because it's the only rig of this type (1/8 competition truggy class) I know of that has the suspension travel to bottom out a 7" tire. I've had a couple of other truggies and most of them are engineered to use standard 1/8 truggy size wheels/tires, which is understandable, as they are primarily for competition where you're bound to the kind of tire/wheel you run. For some reason Tekno designed these things to have far more suspension travel than a normal 1/8 competition rig. I wanted something that I could run huge tires and just drive up over curbs if I need to, yet be a 1/8 comp style vehicle. I had a monster truck in the past and while it was great, it was very heavy and used a lot of weird parts and aftermarket support was almost zero.

Things no longer: I used to have a set of belted Sweep Terrain tires. They were cool because they had ZERO ballooning, but the tread was hard and they had laughable lack of traction on anything other than the road. For a street run they were really good but the second I hit grass I could barely get through it, the tires would just spin. So I decided to sell them off to fund other goodies.

Let's cut to the chase. The little Tekin T8 Gen2 2000kv Truggy motor was never designed to push these HUGE heavy 7inch wheels/tires. They are like triple the weight of a 1/8 Truggy wheel/tire. This motor gets warm very quickly. So it's time to upgrade.


Tekin T8 g2 2000kv Truggy motor vs Castle 1717 pull from a Traxxas XO-1.

Luckily the Tekno factory motor mount can support this beast. I've done this same upgrade on an old RC8Te (with an aftermarket motor mount needed), and AE Rival (had to modify the factory mount and add additional motor support) and the Rival weighed a lot more and still this motor never got over around 135 degrees on 4s and did around 45mph. Needless to say this is my favorite motor! Never worry about temps again. There are quite a few people who upgrade to the longer can motors like the TP series, those are also great from what I've read. I just wanted to stick with Castle and not have to relocate my ESC (but did have to flip it on its side to fit.)

Two cons to changing to this motor:
1. The Castle isn't sensored, which is really nice for going SLOW and crawl over stuff, otherwise, no real-world difference for a basher.
2. The motor can size being larger means I can't move it close enough to the center to run smaller than around a 21T pinion (I have a 22T), that means 55mph speeds even on 4s, which is a little faster than I need. Shooting for 50. The motor doesn't get hot (you can rest your hand on it!) but the ESC gets warm real quick.

To "fix" the space/gearing problem I just recently grabbed the m2c center brace.


Reasoning behind this, I hoped it was a little more 'slim' and would give me a millimeter or two of extra space to move the motor in closer so that I could fit a smaller pinion. After installing it I know I can go down one tooth to a 21T but I think that will be it, so I'll order one up to try to reduce the temps on the MonsterX. I'm not sure if the factory braces were the same space limitation, I forgot to check it before I took it out (I've got a 22T.) Another possibility is just removing the front center brace completely. Tekno is the only 1/8 brand I've seen that has those center braces, I'm not really sure why they are there, I guess there must be more chassis flex there due to the "lightened" areas where they cut away. I'm thinking alloy top plates would stiffen it up enough so that we wouldn't even need those center braces. If i remove it then i could easily fit around a 19T pinion, which is what I was running with the Tekin 2000kv motor.

Mounted to the old style (non-lightened) mount insert - the new "lightened" insert only has 3mm holes and this motor only has 4mm holes, the old mount insert has both.




Future goodies are the Tang alloy plates and possibly the alloy rear chassis brace, not sure on that one yet.

I've got two Kyosho Maxxum's one is a runner one is NIB which I grabbed off ebay before people realized they were rare. The runner has Ultima 48pitch conversion and the Ultima Ball Diff as well. Fun cars - the 240ST motors really screamed in their day. :) I've been building my own MT and I started with an EB48.4 I was no longer using as a base. Ultimately it's been converted into an ET48.3 platform truck as it was just too bonkers on 6s with the short wheel base. The reason I'm posting is check out my rear brace that I built that has a dropped, incorporated ESC mount in them. I made one for the buggy length truck (you can find my post with pics in the Introductions sub group) and then I made a longer one to accommodate the ET48.3 chassis you can find pics of that in the Builds group. Might be something you are interested in duplicating. I built mine to fit a HobbyWing XR8+ which is a large ESC. Finally - assuming the spur gears are the same between the MT410 and ET48.3 you can get a 48tooth CNC lightened steel spur gear - in my case to fit it I had to mill a slot in the bottom of my chassis but the extra 4 teeth will give you a lot more options for gearing and dialing in to what you are trying to accomplish.


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Drove my MT 410 since i built it a couple weeks ago, and boy 6S is too much for the truck! I bleep the throttle and it wants to stand tall, you definitely can't full throttle it!

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