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So you dont have heat issues on your ESC with it mounted on its side like that? Ive got the Tekin Gen3 2250kv truggy motor in my ET48.3 with the Gen3 RX8 on 4s and when i run any of my big Proline 3.8 wheels/tires that combo does get warm pretty quickly, but ive never had to shut it down because it got too hot. When i was running the 3.8 Badland MX's at my local track doing near 25 minute runtimes in 80 degree weather the motor was just over 150 and the esc was showing only one more light before it would be maxed out on temp. Once i changed over to regular truggy wheels and tires the temps went way down... both my EB48.4 and SCT410.3 run the RX8 and 2250KV buggy motors and they never get very hot simply because of the smaller tires and less weight. Both running the same 4s batteries...

I havent had any issues but I dont drive it hard for 20+ minutes nonstop. Yep I have truggy wheels/tires too and they are so small in comparison it could never overheat. Its these huge 7in tires in grass that really tests the motor.
I was just wondering how that Tekin gen3 truggy motor was compared to the gen2. Only 150 deg is great pushing huge MT tires... my 2k gen2 got warmer IIRC.
Have you compared with the gen2 motor temps?
If I knew for sure the g3 ran cooler than the g2 I would probably sell off the 1717 and my gen2 t8 and go for the t8 gen3 and be done.
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Great build! Question. You mentioned that originally you were running the Tekin 2000kv motor with a 19T pinion. Why didn't you just try a smaller pinion? Like a 13t/14t/15t or something? How would that compare to switching to the Castle 1717 with the massive 21t pinion? I'm asking because I'm making a build that has heavy wheels & tires as well.

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