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MT410 - First run

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Finished my build - which was a ton of fun - and took her for a short spin out front. I'm in a residential neighborhood, so I propped one of my ramps up in a strip of grass across the street and went for it.

- I should point out that I pretty much only bash. My bro and I that I usually drive with literally refer to our sessions as "breaking poop." My goal is to go as big as possible at all times.

Well, after easily landing a couple double backflips, with not that much air, I decided to see what she could do. I increased the ramp angle (it's adjustable), and sent it. First try was a 3-1/2, landing on the lid. Then I pulled a perfect quad!

You guys, I'm seriously worried that this truck is going to destroy my enjoyment for driving all my other vehicles!

Simply phenomenal!
Sounds like a great start and welcome to the MT410!

What’s your electronic setup?
Are you running 4s?

I went with the Hobbywing max 8 - due to cost mostly.

Yes 4S, 17T pinion, and I have a hard time keeping the front wheels down - especially on hard surfaces.

Hopefully not too much overheating, but we'll see!

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