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What springs do you run in your MT410?

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  1. MT410
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What springs are you running in your MT410 and what style of driving are you doing?
I run the stock springs with 60 weight oil up front and 50 weight in the rear, general bashing with some pretty solid jumps aswell. so far so good for me
I am currently running the stock springs with 60 weight in both the front and the rear, but will likely go up to 70 weight in the rear and 60 weight in the front. This is to compensate for bigger air that I am finding from the dirt piles at local construction sites.
Stock oils F/R
Stock Front spring and I like it
Yellow rear spring and better than stock but hate it. Will be trying Orange and then pink next with lighter fluid weight.
I've got some super stiff white Durango DNX408T springs, haven't run them yet. Idea was to use them for street or jumping...
they are a bit shorter than the teknos and require the collar all the way down in the back for the arms to sit level. i could have gone with rear springs in the front too but wasn't aware how much shorter they were until they arrived.

Looks like the Orange Tekno springs are front 4.8/ rear 6.11 lb rate, the white Durango's are 7.06 lbs front/rear

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