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Anyone know where I can pick up handles? Modern world problem. Sure changing out the bits is easy enough but I would like to have a couple more just for convenience sake. I tried Tekno and Amain plus a couple of other searches but no luck.
Thanks. I just wanted to stay Tekno loyal.😉
I have two cordless drills so I’m set there.
Most likely you'll have to do the interweb searching/asking, just like you are doing, and waiting for a set to come up on eBay, forums, or something like market place. If you are wanting the handles bad enough, just purchase two tools from Tekno's website.

I did see two pieces that were included in a tool set on eBay.
Probably have to buy the carb jet tool posted above and swap the tool tips out. I have thought about building a Tekno set of tools but done a good job blowing that money elsewhere.

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