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410.3 Tekno SCT 410.3 de Queso 🧀


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My first Tekno build. I know they are all the same but I figured I’d go ahead and document it.

Got the diffs put together. Easy peasy, all three smooth as butter 🧈.
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I’m planning on building it completely stock. But I have ordered most of the upgrades, steel spur, aluminum cross pins , shock hardware. The upgrade parts will sit on the shelf until about 20 packs or part failure which ever comes first.
Only thing I did to mine was the servo horn, a, b, c and d blocks. Kit setup was fine for me on a dirt track. Have fun with the build.
Very nice! Any ideas on what electronics you're going to go with?
Can't wait to see more of this build. Sounds like it's going to be a good one!
Really enjoying this.
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Really enjoying this.

Yep, nice bit of kit. Just finished my SCT up this evening. I have one or two want to do's but it's ready for a battery. This weekend hopefully if I get my grown up stuff done.
Mine is stock built other than Losi 45F and 42.5R shock oil and I’m running the 4300kv Xerun and 17T pinion. Just completed and hit the racetrack yesterday. Drives just like 1/8 scale.
Very nice! Do you have any thoughts or opinions about xerun xr8 3200 kv W/15 t pinion?
Using TKR 5262 CNC diff mounts, and TKR 1654x aluminum 12mm hex. Shocks are next.🤗
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Very very happy!! Runs great! Waiting for Flo- Tek fusion body 😬. Promodeler servo did not fit. That’s okay DS 3235 35 kg seems to be just fine.

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