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410.3 I broke my SCT410.3, Should I just buy a SCT 410 2.0?

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Just kidding, but I really want to try out the new 410 2.0. I am really hesitant because I love my 410.3. I actually did break it today, but it's because I hit a triple jump and missed... Hit a big wooden pole instead. I just broke the front hinge pin block. I just bought a $10 replacement and she is ready to race again.

Have any of you that own a 410.3 built the new 2.0 yet? Some thoughts would be great. I feel like my 410.3 is going to keep going for a long time, but I still might pick up the 2.0 and just compare the 2.
My 2.0 arrived Friday but I don't plan to build it right away. I have a couple home projects
I need to get done before any toys come out.

I wanted to get a second .3 when they were on sale but waited too long and missed the boat.
I have had a thought to get the 2.0 and turn it into the SCT racer/basher that I currently use the 410.3 for. Then mod my old 410.3 to a 1/10 scale MT (body and offset tires).

Definitely in the same boat as you though.

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