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TKR9115B – Differential Case and New Internals??

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Does not fit MT410. For fine tuning certain race conditions so wouldn't really benefit mt410 anyway
My thinking as well more for raceing. Does say the new case can be used in all models. So if case fits then the internals should work for all models as well. Doubt if bashing would notice much, BUT those times when one lands off balance and power makes it go crazy, wonder if the new set up would help. Sounds to me it might be Tekno's answer to the limit slip diff's of the "a" company where it is not limited to only oil for tuning, since they say one has to use lighter oil.

Looks to me the limited slip diff and Tekno's new setup have lots in common. Mechanical internal resistance, no longer only oil for resistance. If that is the thinking behind this, then it might be good for all users.

Only the o-ring works with every Tekno model (EB48 2.0, MT410, EB48.4, EB410,...). The other new diff parts will only work with the 2.0 line of vehicles.
Matt, wish you had spoken up earlier. Ordered out some of the new parts, guess I have a start on a 2.0 build. See pictures for difference. Looks like new bigger, tougher diff on the way. They do not seem to be a retro upgrade, not sure of that. What is Tekno's return policy. grin.


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Matt, wish you had spoken up earlier. Ordered out some of the new parts, guess I have a start on a 2.0 build. See pictures for difference. Looks like new bigger, tougher diff on the way. They do not seem to be a retro upgrade, not sure of that. What is Tekno's return policy. grin.
The parts descriptions say that they can be used on all 2.x models, meaning any 2.0 model or future 2.1, 2.2, etc. models.

You could however use a complete 2.0 center differential in the MT410 as the bearing spacing is the same, and the electric 2.0 vehicles use the same tooth count for their spur gears as the previous generation of electric vehicles.
Sounds very interesting. Where does one find the manual for the 2.0 that list the new parts? What I find on line does not show the new parts. Seems one will have to find the part # for the new gear to fit the new bigger case. Have it all but the gear I think. What will be effect be with the new style diff on car preformace?
Maybe figuring it out. Looking at my manual for ET 48.3, it uses the same case as in the MT410. Now Tekno has not one diff case but two. The new and larger style is in the 2 vehicles. With the new TKR9115B the latest design. So one can order gear and gasket from the 2 manual to make a new larger center diff that will fit all older MT410, ET48.3 etc. Think the new design will act very much like a positrac diff with equal power distribution which is very interesting. With 2 MT 410 and a third on the way plus two ET48.3 think it is time to experiment.

Be nice to have your input IF the above is correct. Also, would one still run the 10K oil?

If on the right track, have almost everything to make 3 center diff. If that works out will add a fourth.

If one the right track, will build one diff for one MT with the other stock and compare how they preform. Fun times ahead, maybe.
Still no response. Be nice to have answers.
Yeah if you get the 2.0 spur and gasket it fits the older ones. I don't race so have no idea what would happen for that. But the mt410 people usually like heavy oil in the center and it more locked up. Not thinner oil and less lockup like that new diff is designed for. The steel diffs are a better upgrade in my opinion. More oil and can handle more heat and power. The plastic Diffs can melt or get the pins dug into the case
I believe Matthew from Tekno confirmed the new center diff fits the older MT410 design.

The new design being larger, I believe it requires more volume and heavier diff fluid for equivalent resistance.

I don’t believe it is worth the swap. If adding power to the MT or wanting to wheelie, just increase the diff fluid weight in that stock center diff.
Finished building a new style center diff for new mt410 build. I like it. The resistance with no oil is a lot different, much more, then all the old style builds have done. Dropped the oil from the 20k recommended in the manual for the new .2 to 15K. Seems to have close to or a little more resistance then the 100K one had previous assembled for this build. Will be next month before this build is done so it can be tested. Another big plus for me, the size of the gears, cross pins etc. Very beefy. Center diff is the heart of the power to ground.

Why did I do this? Have a 7 year or so old Outcast. Armma came out with a limited slip center diff. Purchased and installed. Seems to make the Outcast so much easier to control and more planted to the point it has encouraged me to update it and add to fleet. Fun truck now. Easier to control and enjoy. Just the opposite of what I remember it was. Granted have learned about better radios/ servos etc. Before never felt like I was in control of it. Now it is so much fun as the hobby is suppose to be.

Lot to learn about the new limited slip style of rc diff. And this is what the new Armma and now the Techno builds are. I understand the beauty of the same thing in pickups/offroad/slippery conditions. Be very hard to do without it now. Expect the same result will be enjoyed in the RC's.

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