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New differential spools?🤔

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Hi, forum: I was looking at that upgraded chassis for arrma 6s line and came across bullet proof rc? If I got it right.well I see they have this differential spool for differential and was wondering if anyone has used one before and if there's one that would work in the tekno mt410 differential case? If anyone has let me know I'm interested in trying those out.


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I would suggest against using a spool in any of the 3 diffs. A spool won't allow for any excess power to bleed off and you'll be way more likely to break driveline parts. If you want a spool like effect, I recommend using Traxxas 20 million cst diff oil. It's the thickest stuff I've ever used. PN - TRA5040
It was just a thought, and after seeing what there really for since being new to the rc game and still learning as I go I wouldn't dare use those. I have some 300,differential oil I bought of ebay would definitely help what I'm looking for.

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