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Tires that will last a longer time

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I just started racing outdoor with my sct410.3 and most guys use holeshots but I know they don't last very long. I'm not that competitive and don't have a ton of money to buy tires every week. What would some suggestions be for something that would work half decent but last longer. Its hard packed with a fine dust covering the track.
I would look for a larger block style tire to get longer wear life, Panther makes excellent quality tires where maybe you can try a Clay compound which will last longer and if you need more grip then spray the tires with WD40 Dry Lube about 10 min before each run to get a decent balance between grip and wear life:


The JConcepts Choppers are a little more aggressive and have good life.

Screenshot 2023-09-22 200730.jpg
You could try proline blockades, blue compound for dry/warm dusty conditions

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