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SCT410SL or SCT410 2.0

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  1. SCT410
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So how you would you all guide someone in making a decision to buy one of these vehicles? When would you want to go for the SL? When would it be better to go for the 2.0? I have some general ideas, but guys on here probably have way more technical advice than I would.
If for racing, SL for smaller/ indoor tracks geared towards 10th scale,... 2.0 for outdoor 1/8 tracks

I've seen too many SL's break on large 1/8 tracks, they aren't much more durable than a Slash based on my observations.

If you're not a squeaky clean driver, then I would probably recommend the 2.0 even for a 1/10 track where durability would be more important for Sportsman level drivers.

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