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48.4 Pinion brands and selection

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Is there a specific brand of pinion everybody goes to? EB48.4, HW 4268 2200kv, 5mm output shaft...Thanks!
Tekno here also. Being able to use a larger hex driver on the grub screw feels like a no brainer.

For something more budget minded I've used some ProTek pinions without issue.
Thanks, was hoping for a more inexpensive option but...
You get what you pay for... TEKNO has the best pinions in the industry plus they offer larger set screws with a 2.5mm bit to get more bite without risk of stripping.

Keep in mind that you can send in worn out TEKNO pinions for 50% coupons with their warranty program making them far less expensive in the long run:
Thanks, was hoping for a more inexpensive option but...
I'll admit to using whatever pinions I can find dirt cheap, but usually they are for testing purposes... for finding the sweet spot gearing. I was using an unknown brand MOD1 pinion gear that I had laying around from an old buggy. As you can see, not all gears are made the same...

The pinion on the left would not fit into my EB48 2.0's motor mount. The pinion on the right was from an Arrma chop shop two pack set for $5.94
I also use the Tekno pinion gears, as stated above. For the extra insurance of the bigger set screws

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