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ET410.2 wheels and tire shoice

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I just got my ET410.2 ready, but which wheels tires should i buy?
I drive it on a tight outdoor astro turf track, with good traction.
On my buggy i run shumacher mezzo in rear and wide stagger in front and its perfect.
Any suggestions?
I raced the original ET410 on turf many years ago and had experimented between ST and SCT wheels where I found ST wheels to offer faster lap times, where a clean driver will do better overall with ST wheels, however the SCT wheels were tall enough to grab the turf when on your lid to self marshal yourself making SCT wheels better suited to get out of tough situations at the expense of slower lap times.

Back then I only ran ProLine Z3 compounds where the harder the compound the higher the grip on our turf track, that was pretty much what everyone was running locally at the time because that was the hardest compound we could find. Not sure who else makes anything harder these days, I've been out of the mini-truggy class for a couple years now.
Thanks for your reply, Wich type of tire did you use?
Wedges up front and Pin Points on the rear



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