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et48 2.0

  1. J

    For Sale SOLD Tekno ET48 2.0, Hobbywing Xerun XR8 Plus, 4274 (2250KV), Protek 170TBL, Backflip LP

    Tekno ET48 2.0 Racing 1/8 Truggy / Truck - Almost Ready to Run -$800 -includes everything except a transmitter, receiver, and battery -great condition, built in November 2023, but I don’t have enough space for it -paid above $1,300 pre-tax and closer to $1,500 with tax and shipping -never raced...
  2. JimJam

    ET48 2.0 AllRacing centre gearbox

    I love the idea of this enclosed centre gearbox as I love the quietness of the plastic spur gear and wanted to protect it from small stones and crap from getting into the mesh and destroying it, so I ordered it and fitted it when it arrived. It seemed to go together well, if a bit tight, around...
  3. J

    ET48 2.0 New Build Component Questions

    After much consternation and debate, I ended up ordering an ET48 2.0 (after struggling with the ET410, Xray X8Te, EB48), the community in this forum definitely tipped me towards Tekno--thanks, everyone! After pouring through threads, I narrowed some component choices down, but I was hoping for...
  4. C

    Et48 2.0 Tekin RX8 fail and motor temp question

    After about 10 battery packs my RX8 gen 3 died flashing the 1/2 and 6/7 lights. It was under warranty and I already sent it in. Per the advice of some I picked up the hobby wing xerun sct Esc on eBay and just installed it. When I get a replacement for the Tekin esc I’ll probably use it to build...
  5. C

    Tekin 4038 2000kv fitment question

    Hello! First build and first post here. I am trying to mount the Tekin 2000kv motor into the et48 2.0 and I cannot seem to be able to mount the motor with the tabs straight up. Is this a known thing or am I just completely missing something? Thank you all for your help in advance!
  6. J

    Metal C-hubs for MT410 ??? Can ET48 2.0 spindle carriers be used for MT410?

    Hi, Is it possible to use ET48 2.0 C-hubs/spindle carriers for Tekno MT410 (TKR9048B or TKR9048A) (even if I would have to modify a few things) ? Or is it possible to buy alu C-hubs for MT410? Exotek used to make these but not anymore... :-(
  7. D

    2022 Motor/ESC combos & Servo Recommendations List for ET48 2.0

    Though I am not new to the RCs having my fair share of Revos/Losis/ARRMAs... I am new to the Teknoforums and Teknos in general, so hello everyone! Boy am I glad to have found this place. This is my first post here and I have recently purchased a ET48 2.0 kit ( through the forums I also went...
  8. S

    Am I doing this right? ET48 2.0 Extreme Basher Buil

    Hello! New to building kits, and kinda new to 1/8 scale bashing. Have an XMaxx but want to get more ambitious with a smaller scale truggy build :) Just ordered the ET48 2.0 and the aim is to build it as a 6S basher. Here is what I have decided on so far A bunch of M2C parts: - rear brace -...
  9. E

    EZ’s MT410 and ET48 2.0

    So these are already built but I did take a ton of photos during the build process… more so with my MT410 than my ET48 2.0. The MT410 The kit and it’s upgrades (for now) Tekno Hardened Steel Diff Cases on all three diffs (TKR5113S) M2C Shock Towers Aluminum Split Center Diff Mount...
  10. R

    Tekno ET48 2.0 Build

    Hey guys, long time listener first time caller. I started building my ET48 2.0. I ran into a snafu and I'm sure It's a simple fix or mistake I just can't figure it out. I've reassembled it three times to spec. At center the wheels would be extremely toe out. Neither of the hubs comes close to...
  11. PrimaRC

    I've been really happy with my ET48 2.0, but I want to build another Tekno kit for racing or as a basher?

    What are your thoughts on building a second Tekno ET48 2.0 as a basher so I can keep my Race prep one dedicated for that, or should I build an ET410 as a second race car? I'm not sure if there is any class for this in Australia and I'm worried about what tyres they use? Any advice would be...
  12. PrimaRC

    Yet another ET48 2.0 build thread

    Hey everybody, I thought I'd try and document my ET48 2.0 build. Step 1) unboxing
  13. SHWA

    ET48 2.0 Basher

    I am in the process of completing my ET48 2.0 Thread. This is my first kit build since a Nikko Dandy Dash ~1988. So, it has been a while. Handed down my Slash Ultimate 4x4 to my daughter and tried to buy a Teckno ET48.3 last March but as everyone knows they were discontinued until the ET48 2.0...
  14. Q

    Recommendations - Ditching Arrma, ET48 2.0 preordered for Basher Build

    Got back into RC at the beginning of Covid, ended up with a Kraton, Losi Tenacity DB Pro, and built an LC Racing EMB-T. $100's sunk into the Kraton in small upgrades, repairs, etc. and started looking for a better option. It has been great fun, but after building the EMB, realized benefits of...
  15. Ifti

    Tekno ET48 2.0 E-Truggy : COMPLETE VIDEO BUILD GUIDE

    So here we go with a new build!! Complete stock setup/build here, where we'll highlight parts as we go along. If you like the videos, please do consider subscribing to my channel - it really does help me out - and you'll be informed when the next video is released too!! General/tip videos...