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New! M2C Wide Truggy Chassis


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EB410, EB48, MT410
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Very awesome! Can’t wait! I’m all set to hit the order button!

I like the proline body mount mod. I may have to do that. I don’t like the pins all that much. How solid is it? I saw someone on FB on your post pin a photo using m4 screws through the bottom too.
The m4 screws works perfectly with body post as specialty when they are off center. Used it on the proline GMC pickup long bed on the front. pix incl

Ordered my game changer m410 couple days ago and the truggy game changer today! Along with al the part that will be needed.
The longer rear center driveshaft aluminum since it has al the M2C braces I hope it will stay straight.
M2C NT 48.3 truggy rear top brace and
M2C rear chassis brace.
NT48.3 body mount set
Tekno wing mount
Two tekno metal diff cups, center one is going to be from M2C show pease. ( have already 6 M2C diffs wanted to check out the tekno ones as well.
No NT48.3 body jet.
this info has absolutely no value butt do want to share, because I’m so excited about it. 🥳🥳😋


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