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410 2.0 Extended body posts to raise true scale body

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Hi there!

Yesterday finished building and assembling my first Tekno kit. What a fun build it was! Love the engineering that has gone into this kit.

I previously purchased the Pro-Line 1/10 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor True Scale Short Course Body (Item No.PRO346100) for another RTR RC car but since decided to use it with the Tekno SCT.

I tried to test fit the Proline Rapture body to the Tekno kit however the body posts on the Tekno are too short/low. I need to raise the height of the front body post by at least another 40mm and around 10mm or so for the rear to ensure that the body clears the wheels without needing to drastically cut out the body.

The Pro-Line web site says that this body requires the extended body mount kit however this appears to be for the Traxxas Slash. Does anyone know whether this extended kit can be used on the Tekno SCT?

I was wondering whether anyone else has either used this Pro-Line Raptor body (or similar) with the Tekno SCT and what they have used to raise the body height to clear the wheels?

Are there other ways or options to consider in being able to extend or lengthen the body posts?
I've decided to go down the DIY approach and build extended body posts myself.

Although nylon plastic was available through a local plastic suppliers, they did not have rods or tubes at the smaller dimensions that I needed. Instead, I was able to find acetal plastic that was available in the smaller dimensions. Acetal plastic has similar properties to nylon, offering similar (although slightly less) tensile strength and stiffness.

The acetal plastic was only available in 6 or 8 mm, however the body posts mounts are 7mm x 7mm square. I decided to use the slightly larger 8mm plastic rod and sand them into shape and size to fit the post mounts. It would have been less work to go with the 6mm plastic rod, however I thought that this would be too loose a fit. In addition, the wider 8mm rod plastic would offer greater strength.

After a few hours of trial and error I've made 4 extended body posts :)



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