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EB48 Picture Thread


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EB48, ET410
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Really surprised the forum has no media/picture gallery of any kind. I personally like looking at people's rides for inspiration.

My 2.0 with cheap eBay no-name wing. Wife is always telling me to paint something else besides red, white, and blue.
20200406_133355 cropped.jpg

20200406_133338 cropped.jpg
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Your paint scheme looks pretty sweet, I like it!

I love seeing what everyone else comes up with as well!

I haven't gotten to painting my EB48 2.0 body yet but will probably do so so it matches the rest of my cars. I will for sure post pics when its all painted up!


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48.4, Badlands 2.8 on 15mm offset Hubs, AllRacing Stearing Brace, M³ Rear Brace, Steel Diffs, POS Front&Rear Bumper, Blumberg-Designs 6000uf Powerbank and printed Goodys, Max8 Combo, 16T, 6s.



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EB48SL - Tekin RX8 Gen3/Pro4HD 2500KV Motor Combo, Trinity RevTech 3s Lipo, Associated DS1015 Servo, Proline Hyrax SCXL Tires/Raid 17mm Wheels, Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles/Hinge Pins, Tekno Mods - Too Many to List.

Built this buggy to run in the park.

Converted the EB48SL into a 2wd sand buggy with Proline sand tires. Removed the front diff, cvds, and drive shaft and filled the center diff with 1 million weight fluid and the rear diff with 10k weight fluid. It's a bit lighter and should be a blast to play with in the sand.
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Really surprised the forum has no media/picture gallery of any kind. I personally like looking at people's rides for inspiration.

My 2.0 with cheap eBay no-name wing. Wife is always telling me to paint something else besides red, white, and blue.
View attachment 4474
View attachment 4473

You read my mind about no pics on this forum, I don’t have mine yet as Iam still awaiting for it’s arrival from tower hobbies. But I’ll post my pics soon as it’s together to add more phots to this very thoughtful post. And your rig looks sweet bro I love it🕺👍👍🤘👌


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Put some Associated hex on for added width recently and a older body , plan to paint a new one I got when I can . Been debating some 2.8 tires or stick with buggy for some off road running .
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Troy Illinois
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4s is what this buggy is designed to run for 1/8 scale racing

yes your electronics will handle 6s but mine on 4s is still a rocket and handles great. I have no desire to go above that

my Eb48.4 weighs in at 7.8lbs unlikmy 1/8 Traxxas rigs that are in the 12-15 lbs need more battery to get that extra weight moving
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