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EB48 2.0


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TBH I didn’t think of cross referencing the product number, I just saw the wording which is obviously incorrect!

That’s a shame I thought someone had dropped the ball and posted details too early.

Back to waiting for the E release.


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EB48, ET410
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......Back to waiting for the E release.
I hear ya on that one. I wait as well.

Long story short...no diff pinion gears to be found. I sold my RC8.2e FT and now I'm in need of a new buggy. I'm just a backyard track basher nowadays, and I am/was on the fence about getting a RTR 3S, or 6S buggy to hold me over. After adding up the price tag of all the upgrades I would have to do to be happy, or fix known issues on RTR platform...not worth it to me.

I would get an older gen EB48, but after putting up with my 8.2e for so long, I swore my next buggy had to have easy access diffs. That is my #1 "must have" specification.

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