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  1. Red Fox

    Shock rebuild...parts needed?

    I have an EB 410 and an ET 410. I've had these for a couple years and should probably rebuild shocks (especially since at least one is leaking). I'm not sure if there are certain parts that make sense to replace and others that are okay to reuse? Any guidance you all have on rebuilding the...
  2. wjb111

    EB410 Bulkhead grease/oil

    replacing my eb410 front bulkhead and not sure what lubricant to use. Some type of grease or oil? first time doing this and still learning. ? Bill B
  3. R

    Rear arms swapped with shocks in front

    What is the supposed benefit of this? My new-to-me 410 has these reversed. Other than moving more weight to the center, I don't see the advantage. The disadvantage is the I don't have usable droop-screws. I am trying to decide if the droop screws are important enough to justify switching...
  4. Barney

    Servo saver on Tekno EB-410

    Does anyone run a servo saver on an EB410? If so which one would you recommend?
  5. Pizelinho

    Chance to mount touring wheels on eb410?

    I wish i could mount touring tires on my EB410, theres an asphalt rc track near me. Any suggestion for rims and tires?
  6. Pizelinho

    My EB410 Rally SPEC

    Hey guys, i got a eb410 and i builded differently in the end...i used an Himoto rally x body and the body supports, then i added some random stuff to let it fit. I run an ARES PRO V2 Modified 13.5T, 25t pinion with 70 spur, Esc Skyrc Ts50.
  7. L

    Gearing & Timing Recommendations

    Looking for gearing & timing recommendations? I'm running Tekin G3 Spec R 13.5T and HobbyWing XerunXR10 ESC. Will be running primarily indoor clay, sticky/loose (depending on day), smooth/bumpy track. Thanks for the responses!!
  8. G

    Looking for what spares to keep in the box.

    About to get an EB410 to race outdoor and indoors. (Mostly outside, with some indoor racing in the winter) So I'll be here with a build thread, I'm sure, and asking more questions. So the long and short. The track I'm racing at doesn't have a huge 1/10 4wd class. Apparently hit or miss, and...
  9. S

    New to the Tekno scene.

    I just ordered an EB 410 and I’m looking for recommendations on a steering servo for it.
  10. TBuggy

    TBuggy's Mod EB410

    Here is my mod motor EB410. I run this one on both the indoor and outdoor track. The things that make this thing Tbuggy's; Tekno servo horn Tekno carbon fiber center plate Tekno aluminum +1mm hexes Tekno Aluminum shock caps Tekno Delrin pistons TLR shock limiters (using small spacers to...
  11. TBuggy

    TBuggy's 13.5 EB410

    I just realized I have no thread for my EB410s! Not much of a post but I figure better late than never! Just painted up a new body for one my EB410s, the Proline Elite. Really wasn't my first choice of body body but I got it for $24 with shipping w/ the two wings so I thought it was a good...
  12. jonski

    My EB410!

    Just wanted to drop a few pics of my EB410. This is my first Tekno and I have to say, I really like this car.
  13. WoodiE

    Tekno Carbon Fiber Receiver Tray

    The new Tekno carbon fiber receiver tray allows the radio receiver to be mounted off the chassis. This frees up space on the chassis to use other electronics. This becomes very useful on the Tekno EB410 and EB410 models as they often use larger Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC). Features of...
  14. WoodiE

    Heavy Duty Differential Outdrives & Coupler for Tekno EB/ET 410

    The new Tekno HD differential outdrives and coupler for the Tekno EB410 and ET410 have just been announced. These new HD outdrives and couplers have less material removed to improve the durability and impact resistance, making them a perfect upgrade for bashers and even carpet racing with their...
  15. WoodiE

    Pro-Line EB410 Elite body

    New from Pro-Line Racing and made for the Tekno EB410 4WD buggy is the Pro-Line Elite light weight body. The Pro-Line Elite has been designed using the latest in CAD technology and features an overall low-slung design and sweeping lines throughout giving it an unmistakable look on the track...
  16. WoodiE

    How to convert a Tekno EB410 into a Tekno ET410

    If you already own the Tekno EB410 buggy and would like to convert it to the new Tekno ET410 truggy - then good news it's actually pretty easy to do so as the EB410 and ET410 share about 95% of the same parts. Below is a list of parts you'll need to make the conversion possible. Parts needed to...
  17. WdotDynamite

    My first race weekend. LONG READ

    So I've had the buggy since late feb. I've went between 2 and 4 times a month to the track and practiced but I never raced due to the fact I just didn't have the money for a transponder. Well I got one and this weekend was my local tracks anual summer "Beat the Heat" race so I entered. Now...
  18. WoodiE

    Ultimate Tekno EB410 Stock Build by Tyler Hooks

    I came across this Tekno EB410 build by Tyler Hooks over at the Tekno blog and thought I'd share it here as well. Enjoy! Hey guys and gals, Tyler Hooks (Hooks Race Services) here, I built a new EB410 for the upcoming ROAR 1/10th scale off-road nationals to run in the stock 13.5 class, so I...
  19. thirtydaZe

    Motor Fan Quits Running

    Bare with me as i've asked about this on FB and at rctech. Here is my Original post, Some of you may have seen it. Having a bit of a technical issue. I was at practice the other day, coming off of a jump and entering the straight. My cars wheels went full right, and then lost all power. Pulled...
  20. cadon78

    Got a question for the eb410 racers

    I’ve been looking into getting into the 10th scale racing since it’s indoors mostly (at least around here). Is it a carpet or clay racer?