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Shock rebuild...parts needed?

Red Fox

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I have an
EB 410 and an ET 410. I've had these for a couple years and should probably rebuild shocks (especially since at least one is leaking). I'm not sure if there are certain parts that make sense to replace and others that are okay to reuse? Any guidance you all have on rebuilding the right way please pass along if you would. Much appreciated. If it matters, I race on a clay off-road track with a few jumps. Thanks!
I generally keep all my shock parts indefinitely... though you should inspect the rubber seals for cracks/tears and replace any worn parts, bent shafts, cracked pistons, etc..

Over time the grease will wear away and leaks will go past the rubber seals... if the fluid is still clear(ish) then you can recycle the fluids. I use an empty shock bottle or dixie cup to recycle clean fluid. If the fluid is milky grey or darker then I would discard and replace the fluid as the darker color is dirt which will effect the viscosity and the dirt will cause the parts to wear faster.

I use the skewer method to apply grease when repacking the cartridge by placing seals/spacers in reverse order on the shaft when assembling, more info here:

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Very helpful info...thanks much! Hope you land every jump like a pro.

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