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DB48 Tekno DB-48 Complete


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Troy Illinois
Tekno RC's
She looks great very bold color scheme

Let use know how it performs

I have those tires on one of my crawlers they are very soft and have a nice wide footprint pitbull has a lot of nice tire options I have many of them and love them all

Steve B in Vegas

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It looks great!

Why are going to sell it already?
It's a nice platform, but not what I was expecting. Too many things I don't like about it for desert racing. The chassis layout is a deal-breaker for me.

I would have been happier with a Rock Rey with the same budget.

Once I get the photos taken, I'll get it listed. I'll sell it with both chassis and the spare parts I purchased. Think I might keep these electronics though. That Tekin stuff is nice.!
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