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Race weekend #2

Joe S.

Race weekend #2 with the ET410 in the books! Truck felt amazing this weekend. I took the 48p ET spur and swapped it for the EB 32p spur. It made it alot easier to gear and I already have an arsonal of pinions for it. Currently running 81/22, might even go up one more “23t” on the pinion. Had problems with the rear getting loose so I laid the rear shocks in and switched to the orange springs f/r and it solved the problem. The track was so dry and so high bite that the set of new positrons I ran are now slicks. I didn’t have any problems with the ball cups popping off this go around. Possibly just had to get the “new” out of it. This is a great little truck. Super easy to drive and even having a 10.5 it is snappy. Anyone out there thinking of getting one and able to run it at their local track don’t hesitate! It was so much fun!

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