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et410.2 setup for outdoor loose rough track

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skeeter anderson

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Hi, Does anyone know of a good low grip rough outdoor track setup? Thanks Skeeter
I would start with the stock set up and see how it suits you. It's personal preference but I don't like the toe out in the front and set closer to zero if not on zero. Same for camber being at zero to -1*. Same for camber in the rear and reduce the toe in to around -1.5. It will really depend on your driving and track lay out.
I don't think you'll find many "loose/rough" setups for the ET410.2. I've looked at the usual setup sheet places on the web and came up with nothing. Even if you go looking for ET410 setup sheets... pretty much nothing. I don't like the format, but FB groups is where you'll get some insight to what others are using for loose outdoor rough, and bumpy tracks. The diff fluids used are all over the place. The same goes for shock packages... all vary from one user to the next.

Like nub said, setup will depend on a person's driving style. Test, and have fun with it.

I gave up racing, except for the occasional backyard brawl, but run/test my RCs on rough backyard track.
The closest thing I got for you... my ET410 setup:


Although the springs/pistons are different, I'm getting ready to start my ET410.2 build, and will be primarily using (for starters) the same diff fluid/shock oil thicknesses as used in my ET410. I do have softer springs, and updated ET410 rear arms ready for install should they be needed on ET410.2. I did the whole rear arm rear mounted shocks "thing" on my SCT410SL build, 'cause I wanted as much weight in the rear as possible... just like the original ET410 that flew/flies so well.
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