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Bag I Left Over Bits

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Hi All!

I eventually got around to building my rig, and after bag I, I had these two bits left over.

I purchased the upgraded bracing separately and it's identical to what is included in my kit, just puzzled where these 2 bits go, as attached!


Edit: changed photo to be in text.
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I didn't consider not using the cenrtal bracing, would have thought it risky to leave out.

Edit: double post due to inexperience
Yes, I feel the same way. Too risky to leave it out.

I would have thought by now the Tekno manual writers would have mentioned something about this part. It has caused some ruckus over the years in many online discussions as people have come up with weird uses for the tiny little piece of plastic, 'cause they got sick of repeating what that the actual use for it was. ;) 👍 :cool:

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