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410 2.0 Tekno SCT410 2.0 Manual and Parts List

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Tekno SCT410 2.0 Manual

SCT410 2.0 Build Series

An astounding 15 part video series on how to build and setup the SCT410 2.0 short course truck. (must see!)

Tekno RC Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance will greatly improve your on track consistency and also extend the life of your vehicle. Going through critical areas of the vehicle regularly will also allow you to find possible issues before they become a problem that may cost you a race.

Follow the guidelines below for maximum performance.

SCT410 2.0 Bearing Maintenance​

Bearings should always be smooth and free in order to preform their function. We recommend inspecting and cleaning each bearing on a regular basis. It will be necessary to break down parts of the vehicle in order to inspect them properly. The procedures below should be done every couple of weeks or prior to an important race.

  1. Inspect the outer seals for any visible damage and check the rolling resistance of each bearing.

  2. If any bearing does not spin freely, then take the following steps to clean them.

  3. Spray the bearing with motor spray and spin it again to remove any debris trapped inside. Repeat if necessary. If the bearing does not start to spin freely after cleaning, then they may need to be replaced.

  4. Allow the clean bearing to dry or blow into the bearing with compressed air to speed up the drying process.

  5. Oil each bearing with a proper bearing lubricant. One or two drops is enough.

SCT410 2.0 Shock Maintenance​

When comparing the left and right shocks of the front end, they should feel identical. Same goes for the rears. The procedures below should be done every race day to make sure they are leak free and operating correctly.
  1. After removing the shocks from the vehicle, remove the springs and inspect each shock for visible leaks (build up of debris at the bottom of the shock shaft or visible oil).

  2. If the shock binds when pushing the shaft through its stroke, then the shaft may be bent and will need to be replaced.

  3. If the shocks from left to right do not feel consistent when compared to each other, or have built up too much air inside (feel empty when pushing the shaft through its stroke), then you will need to rebuild them following the steps outlined on page 19 of the Tekno SCT410 2.0 manual.

Hinge Point and Drive Line Maintenance​

Checking the hinge points while the shocks are removed from the vehicle is the best time to inspect these parts. The other items to inspect are the camber links, steering links and drive shafts. Follow the steps below every couple of weeks in order to keep the vehicle preforming at the maximum level.
  1. With the shocks off the vehicle, check the movement of the arms, hubs, and spindle carriers. They should move freely. If there is a bind, then the inner or outer hinge pin may be bent and would need to be replaced. The arms should not have any play when twisted or moved in any direction against the hinge points. If there is excessive slop present, then the arms or hubs may be worn and will need to be replaced.

  2. Remove the camber links, steering links and servo link from the vehicle. Check the movement of the spindles to see if they turn freely. If they don’t, then check the kingpin shoulder screws to see if they are tightened down too far. Also, check for slop. If there is excessive slop present, then the spindle carriers may need to be replaced.

  3. Check the steering rack to make sure it moves freely. If it binds, then the screws holding the Ackermann or the steering posts could be too tight. If they still bind, then check the bearings and follow the steps above to clean them.

  4. After re-installing the camber links, steering links and servo link, check the movement of the rod ends on the ball studs. If they have excessive slop or are binding, then they may need to be replaced.

  5. Check the drive shafts by rotating them. Look for any wobbles. If they are bent, replace them immediately.

  6. With the drive shafts removed, check for slop in the CV area. If it is present, then reposition the CV pin to another fresh hole, re-lubricate and install back into the vehicle.

SCT410 2.0 Differential Maintenance​

Properly maintained differentials are essential for a smooth operating vehicle. Check all three diffs regularly to make
sure they are filled and operating as designed.
  1. Remove each diff and verify the differential action is happening and is smooth. If there is any notchy feel to them, follow the steps below to rebuild them.

  2. Open the diff and pour out the oil. Remove the gears and pins to release the outdrives, then remove the seals. Inspect everything to make sure there are no damaged parts. If the seals are old or show any signs of degradation, replace them immediately. Re-lubricate the seals and outdrives, then rebuild the diff following the steps on page 3 and 4 of the SCT410 2.0 user manual.

Tekno SCT410 2.0 Parts List

TKR5049A - Pivot Balls (6.8mm, no flng, sway bar, shck ends, almnm, 4pcs)
TKR5053A - Pivot Balls (6.8mm, flanged, outside camber, aluminum, 4pcs)
TKR5056 - Rod Ends (brake/steering/sway bay linkage, 16pcs)
TKR5058A - Pivot Balls (5.8mm, no flange, brake/steering link, aluminum, 4pcs)
TKR5075HD - Diff Coupler (HD, hardened steel)
TKR5079A - Stabilizer Balls (6.8mm, sway bars, aluminum, 4pcs)
TKR5101X - Servo Saver Spring (HD, EB48, SCT410, NB48)
TKR5103 - Servo Saver Post (aluminum, gun metal ano)
TKR5126 - Antenna tube (universal, w/ caps, 5pcs)
TKR5144 - Differential O-Rings (6pcs)
TKR5188B - Rod Ends (hard, 6.8mm, M4 thread, SCT/SL, 8pcs)
TKR5230 - Steering Linkage (M3x18mm threaded rod, 10pcs)
TKR5231 - Servo Saver Nut and Spring
TKR5571M - Wheel Hexes (steel w/ set screw, lightened, 12mm, SCT410/SL)
TKR7798 - Body Post Set (swivel, 4pcs)
TKR8052A - Pivot Balls (6.8mm, camber, str links, almnm, centered, 4pcs)
TKR9017 - Sway Bar and Bulkhead Acc (2.0)
TKR9017B - Sway Bar and Bulkhead Acc (for -2/-4mm bulkheads)
TKR9020 - Hinge Pins (inner, front/rear)
TKR9062B - Chassis Brace Set (revised, front/rear/center, EB/ET48 2.0)
TKR9095 - Universal Driveshaft (center, rear, 17mm, EB48 2.0)
TKR9102A - Steering Posts (aluminum, gun metal ano)
TKR9191 - Tapered Driveshaft (center, front, 7075, black ano, EB/ET48 2.0)
TKR9217 - Gearbox (0mm offset, fits TKR5113/5113B diffs)
TKR9218 - Gearbox (-4mm offset, fits TKR5113/5113B diffs)
TKR9508 - Chassis (4mm, black ano, SCT410 2.0)
TKR9510 - Motor Mount (CNC, 7075, SCT410 2.0)
TKR9512 - Center Differential Mount and Cover (MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9514 - Battery Strap (1x center, for standard 2s or shorty 4s packs, all 2.0)
TKR9515 - Suspension Arms (rear, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9516 - Suspension Arms (front, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9517 - Bell Cranks and Top Plates (MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9521 - Ackerman Plate (7075, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9523 - Turnbuckle (M4 thread, 55mm length, 4mm adjustment, 2pcs)
TKR9525L - Mud Guard, Battery Tray, RX Box (left, SCT410 2.0)
TKR9525R - Mud Guard, Servo Mount (right, SCT410 2.0)
TKR9527 - ESC Tray, Radio Box Top (MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9534 - Hinge Pins (outer, F/R, MT/SCT410, 2pcs)
TKR9541 - Spindles (L/R, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9542 - Spindle Carriers (L/R, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9543 - Spindle Pin Set (short/long, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9545 - Rear Hubs (L/R, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9546 - Decal Sheet (SCT410 2.0)
TKR9550 - Turnbuckle (M4 thread, 65mm length, 4mm adjustment, 2pcs)
TKR9553M - Metal Servo Horn (25T spline)
TKR9561 - Hinge Pin Brace Set (steel/composite, A/B/C/D, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9568 - Shock Tower (front, 7075, black ano, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9569 - Shock Tower (rear, 7075, black ano, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9577 - Sway Bar Set (FRONT, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9583 - Nerf Bars (SCT410 2.0, L/R)
TKR9587 - Universal Driveshaft Set (f/r, 87mm, MT/SCT410 2.0, 2 pcs)
TKR9593 - Sway Bar Set (REAR, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9598 - Body Mount Base Set (SCT410 2.0)
TKR9630 - Tower Brace Set (F/R, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9660 - Skid Plate and Bumper Cushion (F/R, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9680 - Bumper Bar Set (F/R, MT/SCT410 2.0)

Bearings List

TKRBB050825RS - Ball Bearing (5x8x2.5mm, rubber shielded, 4pcs)
TKRBB05114 - Ball Bearing (5x11x4, 4pcs)
TKRBB05145 - Ball Bearing (5x14x5, shielded, 4pcs)
TKRBB06103 - Ball Bearing (6x10x3, 4pcs)
TKRBB06135F - Ball Bearing (6x13x5, flanged, shielded, 4pcs)
TKRBB08165 - Ball Bearing (8x16x5, 4pcs)

Shocks List

TKR6140C - Locking Shock Rod End and Spring Perch Set
TKR6705E - Shock Piston Set (5×1.1, 5×1.2, flat/flat, 13mm, 4pcs)
TKR6709 - Shock X-rings (8pcs, EB410)
TKR6712 - Shock/Cartridge Cap & Bushing Set (4pcs each, EB410)
TKR6721 - Shock Boots (medium, for 13mm shocks, 2pcs)
TKR6722 - Shock Boots (long, for 13mm shocks, 2pcs)
TKR6730 - Shock Adjustment Collar and Guide Set (for 16mm springs, 13mm shocks)
TKR6750 - Shock Body (44.5mm, aluminum, hard ano, 2pcs)
TKR6756 - Shock Body (rear, aluminum, hard ano, ET410, 2pcs)
TKR6762 - Shock Shafts (3.5mm OD, 52mm long, 3.5mm thread, 2pcs)
TKR6763 - Shock Shafts (3.5mm OD, 57mm long, 3.5mm thread, 2pcs)
TKR8727 - Shock Standoffs (2pcs, requires TKR8730)
TKR8730 - Shock Cap Bushings (4pcs, requires TKR8727)

Differential List

TKR5113B - Differential Case (f/c/r, composite, fits TKR5150/B, 3pcs)
TKR5143 - Differential Seals (3pcs)
TKR5144B - Differential O-Rings (6pcs)
TKR5145B - Differential Shims (revised, 6x17mm, 6pcs)
TKR5149X - Differential Cross Pins (composite, for 3 complete diffs)
TKR5150B - Differential Gear Set (18/9T, for TKR5113/B, internal gears only)
TKR5153M - Differential Ring Gear (40t, F/R, fits TKR5113/5113B, use with TKR5154M)
TKR5154M - Diff Pinion (9t, F/R, use with TKR5153M)
TKR9114HD - Differential Outdrives (HD, F/C/R, EB/ET48, MT/SCT410 2.0, 2pcs)
TKR9532 - Spur Gear (41T, offset, composite, fits TKR5113/5113B)
TKR9500 - SCT410 2.0 1/10th 4x4 Short Course Truck Kit

Hardware List

TKR1201 - M3 Locknuts (black, 10pcs)
TKR1211 - M3 Locknuts (flanged, black, 10pcs)
TKR1212 - M4 Locknuts (flanged, black, serrated, 10pcs)
TKR1214 - M5 Locknuts (flanged, black, 10pcs)
TKR1221 - M3x8mm Washer (black, 10pcs)
TKR1222 - 13x16x.1mm Diff Shims (10pcs)
TKR1226 - 5x7x.2mm shims (10pcs)
TKR1235 - Body Clips (10pcs)
TKR1238 - Droop Adjustment Screws (M4x10mm, 8pcs)
TKR1240 - Lower Shock Mount Screws
TKR1248 - M2x4mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1265 - M2x6mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1266 - M2x5.0x0.5mm Washer (black, 10pcs)
TKR1301 - M2.5x6mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1323 - M3x10mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1324 - M3x12mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1325 - M3x14mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1327 - M3x16mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1341 - M4x6mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1343 - M4x10mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1344 - M4x12mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1346 - M4x15mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1350 - M4x25mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1401 - M3x6mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1403 - M3x10mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1408 - M3x18mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1409 - M3x20mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1443 - M4x10mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1444 - M4x12mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1445 - M4x14mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1447 - M4x16mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1450 - M4x30mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1522 - M3x8mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1524 - M3x12mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1525 - M3x14mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1528 - M3x18mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1529 - M3x20mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1530 - M3x25mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1601 - M3x4mm Set Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1603 - M5x4mm Set Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1605 - M3x10mm Set Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1609 - M3x3mm Set Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1613 - M3x12mm Screw Pins (black, 10pcs)

Option Parts

TKR1103 - Turnbuckle Wrench (4mm, 5mm, hardened steel)
TKR1107 - XT Nut Driver (5.0mm , adjustable length, 4mm shank)
TKR1108 - XT Nut Driver (5.5mm , adjustable length, 4mm shank)
TKR1115 - Pivot Ball and Shock Multi-tool (aluminum)
TKR1116 - 17mm Wheel Wrench, Shock Cap Tool
TKR1119 - 5.5mm / 7.0mm Wrench (hardened steel)
TKR1654X - 12mm Aluminum Wheel Hexes (aluminum, 4pcs)
TKR2220 - TR606 SCT Wheel (black, SCT410 offset, 4pcs)
TKR4176 - M5 Pinion Gear (16t, MOD1, 5mm bore, M5 set screw)
TKR4177 - M5 Pinion Gear (17t, MOD1, 5mm bore, M5 set screw)
TKR4178 - M5 Pinion Gear (18t, MOD1, 5mm bore, M5 set screw)
TKR4179 - M5 Pinion Gear (19t, MOD1, 5mm bore, M5 set screw)
TKR4180 - M5 Pinion Gear (20t, MOD1, 5mm bore, M5 set screw)
TKR5113S - Differential Case (f/c/r, hardened steel, ET48/MT410)
TKR5114XB - Differential Outdrives (front/rear, revised, lightened)
TKR5122 - Steering Rack Bushings (aluminum, gun metal ano, 2pcs)
TKR5145C - Differential Shims (keyed, 6x17mm, 6pcs)
TKR5149 - Differential Cross Pins (6pcs, requires TKR5150 gears)
TKR5149A - Differential Cross Pins (Aluminum, 6pcs, requires TKR5150 gears)
TKR5150 - Differential Gear Set (6pcs, requires TKR5149 pins)
TKR5151 - Differential Ring Gear (straight cut, CNC, 40t)
TKR5152 - Diff Pinion (straight cut, 10T, CNC)
TKR5253B - Aluminum Servo Horn (25t spline, M3 clamp, double hole arm)
TKR5571A - Wheel Hexes (12mm, clamping, aluminum, 4pcs)
TKR5791 - Body Mount Set (SCT410, front/rear)
TKR6708 - Shock Cartridge Guide Set (CNC, Delrin, 8pcs, EB410/ET410)
TKR6712A - Shock Caps (7075, emulsion, black ano, 2pcs)
TKR9019 - Battery Straps (1x center, 1x side, EB/ET48 2.0)
TKR9090A - Aluminum Sway Bar Collars (4pcs, EB/NB/ET/NT48 2.0)
TKR9114 - Differential Outdrives (F/R NB/NT48 2.0, F/C/R EB/ET48 2.0, 2pcs)
TKR9161B - Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, -1mm LRC, EB/NB48 2.1, A Block)
TKR9162B - Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, -1mm LRC, EB/NB48 2.1, B Block)
TKR9163B - Hinge Pin Brace Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, -1mm LRC, C Block)
TKR9163C - Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, -2mm LRC, EB/NB48 2.1, C Block)
TKR9164B - Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, -1mm LRC, EB/NB48 2.1, D Block)
TKR9164C - Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, -2mm LRC, EB/NB48 2.1, D Block)
TKR9568C - Shock Tower (front, carbon fiber, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9569C - Shock Tower (rear, carbon fiber, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9578 - Sway Bar Set (FRONT, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, MT/SCT410 2.0)
TKR9584 - Air Control Guards (SCT410 2.0, left, right)
TKR9585 - Chassis/Shock Tower Brace (SCT410 2.0)
TKR9594 - Sway Bar Set (REAR, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, MT/SCT410 2.0)
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