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Advice on Car and Components Selection for a new build

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@Nicochau, Good point with the 1/2" offset rims. Does it look like there would be any issue with steering clearance using badlands and the offset rim like you have? Could you post a pic showing the inside of the rim?
I have to use the +2mm hexes on my MT for Backflips to not rub, so I think that's just standard requirement/not a big deal.
Here's an amazing list of RC tire specs I've used from the Arrma forum:
I don't own the 3.8 Badlands, but I have a set of Shockwaves with the same rims:


Mounted on the EB48 2.0, you will need the +2mm hexes, you will also clear the arms and shocks at full turn, but you will likely not have any chassis slap. That's a problem.

This pic was taken at full compression of the front shocks:
This is what I did, I used some 2.8”, they fit just fine. I believe I did get some wheel hex adapters that added some width. The duratrax stuff is slightly too tall and doesn’t allow the chassis to “slap” or bottom out after a big jump. The shocks become the limiting component which is hard on the shocks, as long as you don’t send it, the duratrax are fine. I prefer the OG badlands. The mx badlands are also within a good height range to suit the eb48.

I did the monsterification of an old EB48.4 some time ago to please the kiddo, he played with it once. Not worth the effort. Those are 2.8 Trenchers I unglued and mounted to 3.2 RPM rims. The hexes are +11mm if I remember well.

@sissy lettice , save yourself the hassle and stick to the badlands MX (or any cheaper ebay knock off), they fit the EB48 stock and will drive better than any monster truck tire:
The MX looks like a good compromise. A bit more clearance and traction without any new parts or added stress on the chassis and motor...
i received the buggy. Kiddo is happy and his dad too!
This thing is a beast! Spent the weekend racing it in the street, park, woods path, gravel alleys, grass it rips. Tons of fun. Cannot even wonder what you can do with it once you master it ...
And it already cames with a set of MX tires!

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