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Sledgehammer 2.8’s appropriate ?

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Blue Herron

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Have the ET 410 kit and looking ahead at tires.
Just going to be a somewhat rougher terrain basher. Some on my 700 foot dirt driveway. Using back flips on the ET 48 and looking for similar tread for the 410
For 10th scale truggy some will SCT wheels and tires so that can add to your options
I think I saw a few people run the larger rubber/wheels. Not sure how things turned out on performance, or durability side of things though.

I'd say you made the right choice going with the 2.2/3.0" Badlands SC tires...

Love them tires! They are pretty much my go-to tires. I don't know about running them on anything other than dirt, but I can get a few years out of the tires. I will often say it... If Pro-Line stops making them (Badlands), I'm done with RC.
Pro-Line did, at one time, make 2.2" Badlands tires. They have been discontinued for a long time now. They were more for the crawler side of things though... very tall sidewall.



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