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Either of these worth buying?


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One of the tapped holes had shiny threads which made me think it was aluminum. It was a long day at work, must be seeing things.

Thought the same thing. Also had a long day...

To add to this thread I’d say be patient and join the tekno buy sell group on fb. I got my well sorted mt410 for cheap just by waiting a bit. The summer is almost over in a lot of the us and stuff will start to move cheap. Good luck! You’ve picked a great brand to start with.


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I also asked him what kind of battery leads are on the ESC, he said they are 5mm bullet connectors, what can you connect those to, or do they make 5mm adapters to Xt60 or Xt90 or something?

Billl DeLong

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he said "The steering rack is aluminum."

The stock Ackermann Plate is aluminum, he did not upgrade that part.

It's really hard to tell if the rear diff case is aluminum, kinda looks like he sprayed the plastic with some WD40 and took pics before the residue dried which gives it an extra shiny finish.

I like to use Pledge furniture polish when I clean my plastic parts, that way it doesn't attract any dust and doesn't leave a greasy residue behind.


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Thanks for the detailed response!

I'd love to race, but realistically will only be "racing" with some traffic cones set up on an open field. I don't see many tracks in my area (Raleigh NC)

I live in Raleigh NC and still race. There's a track in Wilson NC which is about 50-60 minutes away. Not a huge population of people there racing Truggy, but the races are fun and the people are friendly. There's also Silvercreek raceway which is about 1.45 hours away, BeachRC which is 3.5 hours away, and Zoo City Raceway Park which is about 1.5 hours away. Plenty of options, just gotta drive a bit.

I'm building my first Tekno truggy right now and I look forward to taking it back out to Wilson.
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