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BashingBrians MT410..


So here I am, I'm Tiny Rick..!!!
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So went for an ESC swap to see if I can get my issues sorted out..🤔

I've now fitted a Max8, I like the Max8 because it has 7.4v to the servo and more settings to play with over the Arrma BLX system, one of my favourite settings is the adjustable LVC..👍🏼
Personally I think it's worth the upgrade just for those two settings alone..!!

I had to make some extensions for the motor wires, not my tidiest work but hey it does the job..🤙🏼


Upon stripping the truck down I noticed all 4 driveshafts are bent, the rears are worse than the fronts..!! I can and will straighten them after testing out the Max8 install.

I'm still having fun with it, but I think my Tekno journey has ended..😢

Arrma tough, this truck isn't..!! 😉

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