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  1. WoodiE

    Tekno EB410.2 4WD Buggy has been announced!

    Tekno has just introduced their latest upgrade to their very popular EB410 model, the new Tekno EB410.2 buggy! The new Tekno EB410.2 features a slew of updated components, but Tekno has also included several all new elements to further improve the handling and durability of the EB410.2 buggy...
  2. StevieGT

    EB48.4 Couldn’t resist

    Well I was planning on waiting till after Christmas or maybe even the Spring to pull the trigger on an EB. Then I just happened to see this brand new, never run, already built beauty. $413.00 with shipping. I already am sitting on an RX8 ESC. Question: Can the Truggy motor can from Tekin fit in...
  3. thirtydaZe

    Motor Fan Quits Running

    Bare with me as i've asked about this on FB and at rctech. Here is my Original post, Some of you may have seen it. Having a bit of a technical issue. I was at practice the other day, coming off of a jump and entering the straight. My cars wheels went full right, and then lost all power. Pulled...
  4. Talon4U2NV


    Who still have the older EB? I have an EB48.2 with a few .3 updates... I have been on the fence on going to the .4.... but i'm not fully sold.. few guys said they liked the older steering more and went to it in the .4.... wanted to see some others feed back on this.
  5. 142Racing

    Anyone running an eb48.4 and eb410

    I'd be curious to hear how they feel in relation to each other....ty!
  6. WoodiE

    Tekno RC EB48.4 Manual & Setup Sheet

    Tekno EB48.4 Manual Tekno RC EB48.4 user manual Tekno RC Vehicle Setup Guide Tekno EB48.4 Setup Sheets EB48.4 Blank setup sheet Filled Setup Sheets: 2016/12/29 - EB48.4 Recommended Indoor.jpg 2016/12/26 - EB48.4 - Joe Bornhorst - Rough Track.jpg 2016/12/26 - EB48.4 - Joe Bornhorst - Smooth...
  7. WoodiE

    Tekno RC NB48.4 Manual & Setup Sheet

    Tekno NB48.4 Manual Tekno RC NB48.4 user manual Tekno RC Vehicle Setup Guide Tekno NB48.4 Setup Sheets NB48.4 Blank setup sheet Filled Setup Sheets: 2017_01_22 - NB48.4 - Alex Zanchettin - Cerveteri RM 2017_01_22 - NB48.4 - Shaun Kirkman - All Around 2017_02_02 - NB48.4 - Ricardo Monteiro...
  8. WoodiE

    Tekno RC EB410 Manual & Setup Sheet

    Tekno EB410 Manual Tekno RC EB410 Manual Tekno RC Vehicle Setup Guide Tekno EB410 Setup Sheets EB410 Blank Setup Sheet - (editable, savable) Filled Setup Sheets: 2018/02/08 - EB410 Recommended Indoor 13.5 2017/08/25 - EB410 - Mason Eppley - OCRC Surf City Mod Med Grip Clay 2017/09/28 -...