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Anyone running an eb48.4 and eb410


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I'd be curious to hear how they feel in relation to each other....ty!

You can see my results for all 3 classes posted here ran on the same 1/8 track:

EB410.1 - Fast Lap = 38.4
EB48.4 - Fast Lap = 36.9
ET48.3 - Fast Lap = 37.9

Each car handles very different from another, it's really comparing apples to oranges... I've spent the most time with my setup on the EB48.4 which is why it turned the fastest lap. I pretty much ran my turf setup on the EB410.1 which is why it was so far off pace, but the car was very easy to handle the 1/8 track and I know I could get it on pace with the EB48.4 if I spent more time on it. Normally this track doesn't race 1/10 cars on the 1/8 track, it was a 1 time deal and my EB410 only sees action on the 1/10 turf track at the same facility.

Each of the 3 cars has different timing with throttle trigger memory to clear jumps, and each requires different amount of counter steer when in the air.

If you are going to run on a 1/10 track then get the EB410
If you are going to run on a 1/8 track then get the EB48

Simply put get the right tool for the job ;)

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