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Would you recommend EB48 “.1” to a friend?


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Los Angeles
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EB48, ET48
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Hi guys,

A buddy of mine is looking for a first buggy to bash around, street race... get a taste of the hobby.

I found a used EB48 (assuming it is the first gen) ARTR and for decent price ($350). Would you recommend it?

Does that first generation have known issues?

Billl DeLong

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Austin, TX
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I would ask them which version it is, more than likely it's a .2 or a .3... good news is that TEKNO supports their legacy vehicles and in most cases will give you an upgrade path:

Hard to say if the deal it worth the price... things to check are condition of the out drives, shafts, any worn plastic parts that need to be replaced? For all you know it may cost another $200 in replacement parts to get it in proper working condition. If the vehicle was meticulously cared for and all worn parts have already been replaced, then yes $350 is a great deal :)

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