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410 2.0 Why does it come with a plastic spur gear. Roasted mine already!

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Why so many places to to type a message? This layout is quite frustrating to navigate
Besides having a pebble jumping onboard, or mesh getting wonky after harsh landing, I've never had an issue with composite spur gears. On my EB48, I think I've only had to replace the spur gear once, or twice in four years.

With the SCT410 2.0's gears having a cover now, is there more of the story to your misfortune? Is it possible you mounted the motor using the wrong holes of the motor, and mesh was too tight? How long is "already"?
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I replaced the plastic spur with a steel spur on my EB48 2.0 and that also stripped after I lost my mesh too, no major difference to me between running plastic or steel other than steel may last a little longer before the teeth start to thin out.
Because it's lighter and quieter?

I got my used 410.3 with a steel spur gear which I'm thankful for because I run on coarse sand, but on dirt or artificial surfaces mod1 plastic seems fine.

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