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What diff oil weight for speedruns? Tekno EB48


Hi guys,

I think I need to change my diff oil for front center and rear. I bought my EB48 used and I think the oil is too light. I do a lot of speed runs, and it always wheelies, unloads the front tires and they balloon like crazy. Also, when I turn, the inside wheels balloon a lot too.

Should I go for some 1M oil in the center diff?

Or perhaps...

100,000wt in the front
500,000wt in the center
50,000wt in the rear

What do you guys recommend?


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EB410, EB48, ET410, SCT410
I don't know from experience but I imagine you would want some thick diff oils for speed runs. Turning while doing speed runs isn't advised...its like drag racing at that point...you just want to go straight.

You may want to try different wheels too, ones that don't balloon. Try some GRPs. I have also seen/heard of people using foams for speed runs, but I doubt they last very long.


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I use foams for speed runs with my 1/8 e buggies, hitting around 90mph. With the truggies the only wheels/tires that i have that dont balloon at all are the Sweep all terrain setup. Suspension setups i use is i set the droop so the arms are as flat as possible. Parallel to the ground, and run the preloads on the springs really stiff. I also run 3.0mm sway bars. Basically like you would set up a full size car for onroad racing...

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