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Wanting to build a drag car


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Some guys at the LHS bought a Traxxas drag light kit and are drag racing all sorts of RCs. Most of them are using lowered traxxas slashes but I want to build something different.

What 1/10th scale Tekno would you guys recommend using? I'm thinking maybe the Tekno SCT 410.3, what do you guys think? Anyone know of a lowering kit as well as any wheelie bars for the Tekno RCs?

Billl DeLong

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If I was going to build a drag car to completely destroy lowered Slashes, then I would go with a GT8e, tons of high end brands to choose but if you're going in a straight line, then I would just pick the cheapest one with the most tuning options for the price, I would probably go with the HoBao Hyper VT if I were to buy one for myself today.

It will be far less work than trying to convert the SCT410 over to GT8, most important thing is that you want to run GT8 wheels with 17mm hexes to get the best possible traction with no tire ballooning on hard acceleration. Can't go wrong with Sweep EXP50 belted radials!

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