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Tire size outside dimension


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Quick question: What "outside dimension" tire size have you guys found to be the best to run on the Tekno MT410.3?
Quick question: What "outside dimension" tire size have you guys found to be the best to run on the Tekno MT410.3?
It really depends on what you want to do with the truck.

If I’m racing on a backyard track with buddies, i want 1/8 truggy racing tires. They are 143mm tall and 62mm wide for about 220g.

If I want to jump the truck and need more rotational mass, I usually go for the Backflips LP at 156mm tall and 280-ish grams.

For only jumping and maximum flipability (I think I’m inventing a new word here 😆), i use my Backflips at 172mm tall and close to 370g (if I remember well).
What I like with Dboot rims is their reasonable / small offset, whether the tire is tall & heavy or not, it kind of keep things nice a tidy.

Going for smaller and lighter tires greatly improves handling. It is hard to want to stay with a one-fits-all basher tire once you tasted to the extreme nimbleness of a racing tire.
Thanks alot Nicochau.
I think it depends upon what you are after. Ultimate flipability as noted above go backflips. Little tighter handling go backflip lp, bashing on a bmx track or racetrack look into actual truggy race wheels and tires. Or treat your rc habit like Pokémon and collect them all. With my kiddo and I we have backflip, bf lp’s, the mx38 belted badlands, badland lp’s, Fireteam tires, 2 sets of truggy race tires, some Talion stock tires and a couple sets of street tires. We have a few 1/8 scale trucks and have preferred wheel and tires for each chassis based upon what we are doing. Backflip lp’s are my favorite all around bash race and jump tire.
I agree with @Nicochau and @a2lowvw .. variety is the spice of life 😉
I switch back and forth between truggy race and backflip LP's mainly. I don't stunt alot with my Tekno's though, I have Arrma, TC, TRX and Redcats to beat on when I wanna get silly.
I've heard most people like the LP backflips. I personally run copperhead 2's (came off my Kraton EXB). Quite large and heavy, and make it a wheelie/flip monster. But has forced me to work on gentle throttle control. Also gives it tons of ground clearance and lands that much more softly. But it does look a bit goofy.

I think something around the LP backflip size would be perfect.

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