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The ET410.2 Truggys

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Jimmy Jaymes

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I haven’t been in the hobby for about 10 years and,bought these kits to get back into it. These builds were fun. They got me hooked into the hobby again. To be honest if it wasn’t for this kit and, model. I probably wouldn’t have got back into it. Kudos to Tekno for making something that will interest people to get back into the hobby. These will be run on the Southern California tracks like Coyote Hobbies, Rain man Hobbies, Hot Rod hobbies and some of the other 1/10 tracks around Southern California. I was hoping someone could help me know what kind of motor,ESC and gearing would be good with a 7.5 8.5 for the tracks mentioned above-indoor clay and smaller outdoor 1/10 tracks. thanks and please include any info tips or tricks for the mini Truggys


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I recently raced at SDRC and found my turf setup to work perfectly there with minimal changes to ride height and sway bars + tires on my wheeler. I no longer run the ET410, but this was most recent setup before I sold the car and might be a setup to consider for a starting point. Note that the motor I used was a 4 Pole 540 motor where I would consider the HobbyWing 6100KV motor here with same gearing. I ran this motor in my PR Racing 401R-T mini truggy for many years with great results:


If I were to buy an ESC today I would go with the MX10 from Trinity:

Thanks bill. That’s the info I was looking for. Thanks for the heads up. I will post more pictures of the mini Truggys on this thread when I get them done.

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