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For Sale Tekno RC SCT410.3 New Slider


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central PA
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Last chance at selling this thing. If the SCT410.3 doesn't sell, hurray for me as it must have been meant to be!

Price: $319.99 (SCT410.3)+ $10.99 (air guards) + shipping (6lb. package 23"x12"x9" from central Pennsylvania)

New Tekno SCT410.3 slider (wheels/tires/body/electronics not included). I built it, and just about ready to paint body... things happen in life, and I never got a chance to run this one.

I started to take the electronics out, but stopped with the motor in case I couldn't sell the SCT410.3. The SCT is pictured with servo & ESC mounted... those will be taken off once sold. Was built with 8x1.4mm tapered pistons, and pink springs front, and rear. Will include air guards, stock springs, pistons, kit box, manual and extra pieces/decals not used in build.



Will add more pictures upon request... I got the SCT boxed up currently.

Any questions? Please ask.
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Those wheels in the background, Matthew_Armeni, are off one of my SC10 rides. Old school ASC9806 KMC wheels that I was going to use for my SCT Nova build.

Which reminds me... I still got the 72 Nova body, but tucked away now. I may have to see about fitment on the SCT410.3 for :poop::poop: and :giggle::giggle: if it doesn't sell.
@RustyUs, I see the day electronic cleaner, I use that to dissolve diff fluids, what do you use it for?
I use CRC QD Electronic Cleaner mostly for pre soldering jobs, bearing blaster, motor spray, and pre double sided tape applications.
I see, well it does clean out silicone fluid from the diffs and it’s plastic safe. Add that to the uses list.

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