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Tekno RC ET48.3 Manual & Setup Sheet

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Tekno ET48.3 Parts List

TKR40007K - Battery Straps (EB48, black, 4 cell, 3pcs)
TKR5010 - Battery Tray, Mud Guard (EB48, left side)
TKR5011 - Radio Tray, Mud Guard (EB48, right side)
TKR5012 - Gearbox (front)
TKR5016B - Gearbox (rear, angled)
TKR5020 - Hinge Pins (inner, front/rear)
TKR5027 - Shock Standoffs (2pcs)
TKR5034 - Hinge Pins (outer, rear)
TKR5037 - Wing (white)
TKR5049A - Pivot Balls (6.8mm, no flng, sway bar, shck ends, almnm, 4pcs)
TKR5052A - Pivot Balls (6.8mm, inside camber, steering links, aluminum, 4pcs)
TKR5053A - Pivot Balls (6.8mm, flanged, outside camber, aluminum, 4pcs)
TKR5054A - Spindle Bushings (4pcs, aluminum, hard ano)
TKR5055A - Arm Bushings (4pcs, aluminum, hard ano)
TKR5056 - Rod Ends (5.8mm, brake/steering/sway bar linkage, 8pcs)
TKR5058A - Pivot Balls (5.8mm, no flange, brake/steering link, aluminum, 4pcs)
TKR5060 - Steering Servo Brace (aluminum, gun metal ano)
TKR5062 - Chassis Brace Set (front/rear/center)
TKR5065 - ESC Tray and Radio/Battery Tray Accessories
TKR5070 - Stub Axles (hardened steel, 2pcs)
TKR5071 - Wheel Hubs (17mm, aluminum, w/pins, 2pcs)
TKR5073 - CV Rebuild kit (f/r, for 2 axles)
TKR5075 - Diff Coupler (f/r, hardened steel)
TKR5079A - Stabilizer Balls (6.8mm, sway bars, aluminum, 4pcs)
TKR5086 - Sway Bar Mounts
TKR5100 - Ackerman Plate (aluminum, gun metal ano)
TKR101X - Servo Saver Spring (HD, EB48, SCT410, NB48)
TKR5102A - Steering Posts (aluminum)
TKR5103 - Servo Saver Post (aluminum, gun metal ano)
TKR5104 - Steering Bell Cranks
TKR5107 - Steering Top Plate, Center Diff Top Plate, Center Diff Rear Support
TKR5116 - Wheel Nuts (17mm, serrated, gun metal ano, M12x1.0, 4pcs)
TKR5122 - Steering Rack Bushings (aluminum, gun metal ano, 2pcs)
TKR5125 - O-Ring (ESC tray, 3pcs)
TKR5126 - Antenna tube (universal, w/ caps, 5pcs)
TKR5161 - V2 Adj. Hinge Pin Brace (”A” block, 7075, EB/NB/ET/NT/SCT)
TKR5162 - V2 Adj. Hinge Pin Brace (”B” block, 7075, EB/NB/ET/NT/SCT)
TKR5163 - V2 Adj. Hinge Pin Brace (”C” block, 7075, EB/NB/ET/NT/SCT)
TKR5164 - V2 Adj. Hinge Pin Brace (”D” block, 7075, EB/NB/ET/NT/SCT)
TKR5165 - V2 Hinge Pin Inserts, Wheelbase Shims (EB/NB/ET/NT/SCT)
TKR5166 - Front Bumper (revised, EB/NB/ET/NT48)
TKR5181 - Low Profile Wing Mount and Body Mounts (EB/NB48/EB48SL)
TKR5187 - Rod Ends (straight, 6.8mm, EB/NB/ET/NT48, 8pcs)
TKR5191 - Tapered Driveshaft (EB48, ET48, center, front, 7075 aluminum, black ano)
TKR5193 - Spindles (trailing, L/R, requires TKR5194, EB/NB/ET/NT48, EB/NB.3)
TKR5194 - Spindle Carriers (trailing, 15 degree, L/R, EB/NB/ET/NT48, EB/NB.3)
TKR5199 - Rear Hubs (L/R, CV or uni, EB/NB/ET/NT48, EB/NB.3)
TKR5211 - Motor Mount Insert (aluminum, gun metal ano)
TKR5220 - Servo Horns (steering, brakes)
TKR5230 - Steering linkage (M3x18mm threaded rod, 10pcs)
TKR5231 - Servo Saver Nut and Spring
TKR5260 - CNC Split Cntr Diff Mount (mtr mnt only, 7075, gun metal ano, EB/ET/SCT)
TKR5263 - Split Cntr Diff Mount (composite, requires TKR5260, EB/ET/SCT/SL)
TKR5401 - Body Mount Set (ET48, NT48)
TKR5423 - Turnbuckle (steering links, 2pcs, ET48, NT48)
TKR5428 - Shock Tower (front, 7075, gun metal, ET48, NT48)
TKR5429 - Shock Tower (rear, 7075, gun metal, ET48, NT48)
TKR5430 - Suspension Arms (rear, 2pcs, ET48, NT48)
TKR5436 - Suspension Arms (front, 2pcs, ET48, NT48)
TKR5450 - Turnbuckle (camber link, rear, 2pcs, ET48, NT48)
TKR5451 - Turnbuckle (camber link, front, 2pcs, ET48, NT48)
TKR5472 - Driveshafts (f/r, hardened steel, 2pcs, ET48, NT48)
TKR5482 - Sway Bar (front, 2.5mm, ET48, NT48)
TKR5493 - Sway Bar (rear, 2.6mm)
TKR5601 - Chassis (7075, hard anodized)
TKR5617 - Decal Sheet (ET48.3)
TKR5645 - Body (ET48, w/ window mask)
TKR5676 - Driveshaft (steel, center, rear)

Differential List
TKR5112X - Differential Outdrives (center, lightened)
TKR5113 - Differential Case (f/c/r)
TKR5114X - Differential Outdrives (f/r, lightened)
TKR5143 - Differential Seals (3pcs)
TKR5144 - Differential O-Rings (6pcs)
TKR5145B - Differential Shims (revised, 6x17mm, 6pcs)
TKR5149 - Differential Cross Pins (steel, 6pcs)
TKR5150 - Differential Gear Set (internal gears only)
TKR5237K - Spur Gear (44t, black, composite)
TKR5403 - Differential Ring Gear (40t, NT48 fr, ET48 fr/rr)
TKR5405 - Diff Pinion (straight cut, 9t, CNC, NT48)

Shocks List
TKR6003B - Non-Vented Shock Caps (aluminum, black ano, 2pcs)
TKR6007 - Shock Cap Bushings (4pcs, EB/NB/ET/NT/SCT)
TKR6008 - Shock Shaft Guide, Piston, and Bushing Set (for 2 shocks)
TKR6009 - Shock O-Ring and Bladder Set (for 2 shocks)
TKR6013 - Shock Adjustment Nuts (aluminum, gun metal ano, 2pcs)
TKR6015 - Shock Cartridge Caps (aluminum, gun metal ano, 2pcs)
TKR6016 - Shock Body (rear, aluminum, hard ano, 2pcs)
TKR6017 - Shock Shafts (rear, steel, 2pcs)
TKR6051 - Shock Pistons (CNC, conical, 8x1.3mm)
TKR6060 - Shock Body (rear, x-long, aluminum, hard ano, 2pcs)
TKR6061 - Shock Shafts (rear, x-long, steel, 2pcs)
TKR6081 - Shock Spring Set (rear, 1.6 x 10.0T, 90mm, green, 4.20 lb/in)
TKR6091 - Shock Spring Set (front, 1.6 x 8.5T, 80mm, green, 5.17 lb/in)
TKR6140 - Locking Shock Rod End and Spring Perch Set (EB/NB/ET/NT/SCT)
TKR6144 - Shock Boots (long length, EB/NB, 2pcs)
TKR6145 - Shock Boots (X-long length, rear EB/NB, 2pcs)

Bearings List
TKRBB050825 - Ball Bearing (5x8x2.5mm, 4pcs)
TKRBB05114 - Ball Bearing (5x11x4, 4pcs)
TKRBB05134 - Ball Bearing (5x13x4, 4pcs)
TKRBB06103 - Ball Bearing (6x10x3, 4pcs)
TKRBB08165 - Ball Bearing (8x16x5, 4pcs)
TKRBB13194 - Ball Bearing (13x19x4, 4pcs)

Hardware List
TKR1200 - M2.5 Locknuts (zinc finish, 10pcs)
TKR1201 - M3 Locknuts (black, 10pcs)
TKR1202 - M4 Locknuts (black, 10pcs)
TKR1211 - M3 Locknuts (flanged, black, 10pcs)
TKR1220 - M3 Countersunk Washers (aluminum, natural, 10pcs)
TKR1221 - M3x8mm Washer (black, 10pcs)
TKR1222 - 13x16x.1mm Diff Shims (10pcs)
TKR1226 - 5x7x.2mm shims (10pcs)
TKR1228 - M4 Countersunk Washer (black, 10pcs)
TKR1235 - Body Clips (10pcs)
TKR1238 - Droop Adjustment Screws (M4x10mm, 8pcs)
TKR1322 - M3x8mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1323 - M3x10mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1325 - M3x14mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1327 - M3x16mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1333 - M3x40mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1341 - M4x6mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1343 - M4x10mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1344 - M4x12mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1346 - M4x15mm Flat Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1401 - M3x6mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1402 - M3x8mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1407 - M3x16mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1443 - M4x10mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1445 - M4x14mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1447 - M4x16mm Button Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1522 - M3x8mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1523 - M3x10mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1524 - M3x12mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1525 - M3x14mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1529 - M3x20mm Cap Head Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1601 - M3x4mm Set Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1603 - M5x4mm Set Screws (black, 10pcs)
TKR1605 - M3x10mm Set Screws (black, 10pcs)
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