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Tekno ET 410.2 budget build


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Looking to transplant some electronics/wheels/tires from various vehicles into a ET 410.2(not yet purchased) for winter indoor dirt racing on a budget. A few compatibility questions.
1.) If it fits, could I run a mamba monster 2 esc with either a castle 2200/2650 KV motor or a Hobbywing SCT 4000Kv (likely this one) motor with a 2s shorty pack?
2.) With a custom battery holder would there be room for a standard 2s hard case battery?
3.) Are short course wheels/tires compatible instead of stadium truck wheels and tires?
4.) Would a savox sv 1272 servo be appropriate for racing purposes?

Shorty Battery would be a protek(or similar) 2s 120c, 7.6v, 4600mah. monster 2 manual mentions a battery should have a minimum continuous output of 100amps and bursts above 120amps. Don't know how to find this info out with batteries.

Not looking for optimal, just acceptable to get going and then replace over time. Indoor track is 1/10 scale only, moderate size, favoring jump control(long and short) and corners over top speed. For outdoor use mixed conditions(grass, gravel etc.) proline badland SCT wheels/tires. Indoor super soft slicks on sct wheels with Losi 0 deg. offset, or +3mm offset.

New to this level of RC, armed with a loose smattering of knowledge. Appreciate the help.


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