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Started the ET48

Jack the Tripper

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ET48, MT410, NB-48
Hi all, my first post in the ET48 forum here.
I finally started the build so looking forward to exchange tips and tricks as well as best setups and practices for the tekno 8th scale truggy.
As always I am taking the build slow and really enjoying it.
My plan is to build it as a racer thought it will probably see more bashing than racing.
Upgrades so far are the aluminum rear drive shaft, aluminum center diff mount and the tini shock shafts and delrin cartridges. And of course the aluminum servo horn.
All surplus parts of this kit will be recycled into a future DB48 project out of a quite rolled sct410.
I have the m2c long rear chassis brace but I haven't made up my mind yet if to throw it into the et or keep it for the db. I wouldn't mind some extra weight to the rear, though I haven't actually compared their weights.
I am tempted with the idea of machining a set of custom carbon fiber braces but Ill see about that later on.
Electronics are; Tekin RX8gen3 with 2250kv motor and Protek 170TBL servo (for a racer I might have gone with the SBL but had other plans at that moment).
Ill be running a Protek 4S HV LiPo 6500 120C and starting out with a 16t pinion and the arrma Katar 6s tires.
Below some pics to where I am so far in the build. Looking forward to hear any opinions and suggestions !!
For example would this motor pinion combination be a good starting point or should I consider lowering the teeth count ? Spur is the stock 44t composite.
Best to all


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Jack the Tripper

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ET48, MT410, NB-48
I will keep an eye on this as well. Very interesting build.

Dumb question; is the heat from the motor going to creep over to the ESC..?

Not at all, and thanks for the remark ! temps is something I really want to keep an eye on. I Believe it definitely will, even more at this time of the year.
I have the yeah racing twin fan heat sink that I will drop in there but they are still very close.
Also It's my first time with a Tekin setup so I'll have to see how it performs with my driving.
I've seen a few guys that drop the esc in an over tray and that seems a really good alternative. Also I've been considering the possibility of doing a few openings on the body to increase airflow.
I still don't have it figured out but I definitely want to keep an eye on it.

Steve B in Vegas

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On my Nomad DB-8, the motor is on the opposite side of the ESC, and there is enough room for just about any size motor and plenty of space to cool it. I'm going to install a Trugger Tekin 2050 T8 when this Reedy motor dies.

I was wondering on the EB48 if it would be possible to move the ESC over to the other side and just make a bridge for the wiring.

Lemme know your thoughts.


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EB410, EB48, ET410, SCT410
There are some available for purchase but if you were to make plate that can mount to the back left side where you see a spot for a brake servo, you could put your ESC there. Also, not sure if you were going to run a buggy body. It would not work if you planned to run a buggy body, just isn't enough room under the body.

Maybe someone will chime in on where you can purchase a plate if you don't make one. I think M2C makes one, but I am not sure.

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