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For Sale Selling SCT410 v1 with LOTS of spares and parts


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Selling my SCT410 v1.
It is the original SCT, I was the first one in my area to have one. It has been a great truck and I have had a lot of fun racing it. It has been well maintained and cared for. It has all the Tekno upgrade parts installed as well as the EB48 chassis and shock towers. I converted it to 17mm hex using Traxxas hex's. I totally overhauled it in anticipation of racing it, but I expanded my business a few years ago and haven't raced it but once since then. It has Tekin RX8 Gen2, Tekin Pro4HD 4300 motor, Spektrum 6090 servo. FTW body.
This would be a great truck to race with or bash.
I have all these spare parts to go with it
TKR6143 front shock boots x3
TKR6004 front shock shaft x3 shafts
TKR5554a All Spindle bushings x2
TKR5555a Alu arm bushing x1 pack
TKR6856 CV rebuild kit x3 packs
TKR5536 Revised Front Suspension arms x2
TKR5540T1 Rear Hubs +1 deg toe x1
TKR5614x Lightened Diff outdrive x3
TKR5791 Body Mount Set x1
TKR5541 Spindles x1
TKR5504 Air Control Guards x1
TKR5518 Front Bumper Set x1
TKR5542 Spindle Carries x1
TKR5799 Rear Bumper Set x1
TKR5575x Diff Coupler Lightened x2
DE Borrego 17mm wheel sets x3
New Mounted set Proline HoleShot on 17mm hex
AKA Gridiron set on 17mm hex
New Avid Revolution Rubber sealed bearing kit x1

New, but not in package:
Front Suspension arms x1
Rear suspension arms x1
Tekno rear suspension arm mud guards x1
Spindles x1
Spindle Carriers x1
Rear bumper x1
Dog bones front or rear x1
Various Tekno springs

All upgrades available from Tekno for this model.
Alloy ackerman plate
alloy steering rack posts
EB48 chassis
Alloy center diff plate
LCG motor mount
carbon center diff plate
alloy shock caps top and bottom
alloy shock collars
lightweight outdrives
alloy front driveshaft
proline body mounts
EB48 alloy shock towers
Traxxas 17mm hex conversion
Alloy 12mm hex
EB48 body for mud cover
Good condition AKA city Block set 17mm
Proline Sniper set 17mm

Used se12mm Gridiron x2
Used set 12mm Suburbs
There are various other used parts to go with it.

There is almost $700 in spares and tires alone.
Thinking $950 shipped. If there is any interest let me know. Or if you have questions or want to make an offer


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photos added.
Let me know if you have any questions. Getting more serious to sell.
Edited, selling it. See there are lots of views, any takers or questions?
Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?
lots of looks, no low ball offers, nothing? I guess these are worth a lot less than I thought, or even worthless?
where are you located?
putting this back out there to see if there is any interest. Happy to hear offers as well

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