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Securing Shock Pistons

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Since there is not a "Suspension" section in the forum, I'll ask here.

Do you let the threadlocker (used on screw that secures piston) fully cure before submerging everything into shock oil?

I never did, nor do I ever plan on finishing a kit build in one day. The threadlocker used in some kits, to secure shock pistons to the shock shafts... I've always let the threadlocker fully cure before finishing shock assembly. Am I overly cautious?
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I have never waited for thread lock to "cure" and have never had a nut come loose once in the past 6+ years cars have switched from e-clips to lock nuts on the pistons. I use a gel based thread lock which I feel is superior to any liquid based product:

*** VERY important that you don't over tighten the nut which can crush the piston!

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